Two Men Drown Trying To Jump A Drawbridge With A Red Chevy Cruze

Dallas News

Two Texas men died early Friday after they tried to jump an open drawbridge in Louisiana, authorities say.

Louisiana State Police were called to the scene of the crash at the Black Bayou Bridge, south of Lake Charles in southwestern Louisiana, around 2 a.m. More


32 Comments on Two Men Drown Trying To Jump A Drawbridge With A Red Chevy Cruze

  1. Reminds me of the Bill Cosby story about driving a Volkswagen in San Fransisco.

    … if ya die that way they won’t let you into Heaven.
    St Peter’s gonna ask “how’d you two die?”
    “Me and my buddy tried to jump an open draw-bridge in a Chevy Cruze
    and went into the bay”
    “You go to Hell”

  2. “Alejandro Cazares, 23, of McAllen and Roberto Alejandro Moreno, 32…”
    Over the years, have known a lot of crazy Coonasses, never any named like that.

  3. At this very moment these two are in Heaven and are being issued the signs they have to carry for all eternity, and are being told to go over and stand in between the guy with the sign that says “Ran with Scissors” and the kid with the “Swam right after lunch” sign

  4. It might be biblical….’Give a Mexican a river and they’ll prepare to cross it….Give a Mexican a river with a bridge and they will drown trying to jump it”….

  5. “If you’ve ever had a relative die immediately after saying, ‘Hey, Y’all. watch THIS!’ you might be a redneck”

  6. Seen too many movies.

    Grenade goes off in a car and 4 guys come stumbling out with torn up clothes.
    Guy falls 400 ft. out of a helicopter and lands unharmed in the lake.
    Guy outruns a 17,000 ft/sec blast front.
    The Duke boys vault the General Lee over barns.
    Guy with bionic arms and legs (but a normal back) picks up 7000 lbs.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. geoff the aardvark MAY 25, 2019 AT 12:05 PM

    I like corny jokes, otherwise known as Dad jokes.

    Best when delivered in the moment. The kid’s reaction of “My Dad sure is stupid” and “Oh man, why does he do this around my friends”, are the best.

    Thanks for that reminder.

  8. We’ve got three of those in my town and some incredibly stupid people but apparently not that stupid.

  9. Can’t help but feel sorry for the fools; though, I feel more sorry for their families.

    Don’t doubt inebriation was involved.

  10. If you and a friend, or an amigo as in the case, ever get a stupid idea that might end up getting you killed.

    Stop and think if people will interpret it as an accident or a gay suicide pact.


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