Two more Harris aides leaving

TheHill: Two more aides working in Vice President Harris’s office are expected to leave their roles in the coming weeks in addition to the two high-profile exits of her press secretary and communications director, a source familiar with the departures confirmed to The Hill

Peter Velz, who is the vice president’s director of press operations, and Vince Evans, the deputy director of the Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs for Harris, are planning to leave those positions soon, the source confirmed.

Harris’ office declined to comment. The Washington Post first reported on their impending exits. 

The departure of Velz and Evans, who are expected to take new jobs in or close to the Biden administration, comes on the heels of news that Symone Sanders, Harris’s press secretary, will leave the administration. Officials suggested Sanders had long planned to leave at the end of 2021. MORE

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  1. Sorry, it’s not that they are running out of loser people its just that they are running out of titles for them!

  2. Right, Asshole, Assistant to the Asshole, Deputy Assistant to the Asshole, Deputy Undersecretary to the Asshole and Deputy Assistant Undersecretary to the Asshole are already being used by Biden!

  3. Still, let’s be honest, what is the normal turnover rate in these roles? The LSM Media used to cackle when a Trump or Bush support role turned over. But a year seems familiar as an endurance for these roles.

  4. Wambam

    Stacey Adams
    Simone Sanders
    Cori Bush
    Lizzy Warren
    Nancy Pelosi

    Demonrat women are just hideous creatures inside and out. Basically they are demonic flesh puppets.

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