Two passengers killed in accident after Tesla burst into flames

Mashable– After crashing into a tree, a Tesla Model S violently burst into flames causing cells from its lithium-ion battery to explode.


The video above shows parts of the batteries, which can burn for up to 24 hours, bursting into flames after the crash and shooting into the air like fireworks. The single-vehicle crash, which killed the driver and a passenger, occurred Thursday morning in Indianapolis, WTHR reported.

In a press conference following the accident, Indianapolis Fire Department Battalion Chief Kevin Jones explained that although he and his team have been trained on how to respond to fires in hybrid or electrical vehicles, fires related to high-voltage lithium-ion batteries require “copious amounts of water” to extinguish and burn at an extremely high temperature.



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  1. The dead driver and the dead passenger were each fined for violating their carbon tax credits and Al Gore wants to know if the tree survived this instantaneous global warming crisis….

  2. Hey, Elon! You da’ bomb!
    Keep this shit up and Lucifer is going to trade in his Chevy VOLT for a hot Tesla. Old Scratch just -loves- to drive around in flames. 👿

  3. Don’t batteries need sumthin other than water?

    Anyway, these lives don’t matter because they went green. In fact, the Nations’ highest awards go to people killed in driverless cars now. Where are the crying women uniting against this?
    WADC (women against driverless cars).

  4. These lithium ion batteries are of the “oxide” formula. “Oxide” means they have the oxygen necessary for combustion already in the ingredients of the cells. When the car crashed the wiring probably received a short that caused the cells to discharge very rapidly. The heat caused by the rapid discharge raises the cell internal temp to the point the chemicals ignite.
    Once ignition takes place you cannot stop the fire through normal “oxygen” depletion methods like fire extinguishers. You essentially have to wait until they burn all their internal fuel.

  5. Gore 15:13
    “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life and that of his passengers in a Gaia-friendly vehicle.”

  6. Tesla’s electri-cars exploding.
    Samsung’s recalled washing machines exploding.

    Clinton and Obama blame everything on “Russian hackers” in 3…2…1…

    Trump on Tuesday.

  7. The occupants were stone cold sober when they realized how much they had paid for the car. The tree jumped right in front of the vehicle causing the disaster.

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