Two Sasquatch Sightings?

Let the Michelle jokes begin…


HT/ illustr8r

22 Comments on Two Sasquatch Sightings?

  1. The guy walking with a Sasquatch suit on better be careful a crazy ass trophy hunter doesn’t jump on the opportunity to bag a big prize.

  2. Even though the film is grainy and distant it’s easy to tell it’s not Moochelle, she didn’t stop and mark any of the pine trees with musk.

  3. Can’t be Moochelle. As Different Tim pointed out, butts too small. Plus there is no 5 inch wide black shiny belt over a dress made from 1970 era cloth curtains.

  4. Just one of Big Mike’s relatives anxious to see his touring official portrait. Most of his wookie family haven’t seen him shaved and wearing clothes.

  5. One of my customers in N. Idaho has a large Sasquatch statue next to their driveway with a Sasquatch crossing sign out on the road in front of their house. And the mascot for the Comm. College where my daughter teaches preschool is a Sasquatch.

  6. Trying to get as far away from Portland as possible. Even Sasquatch is disgusted by the homeless wallowed in their own filth.


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