Two Suspects Turn Themselves in Philly Traffic Cone Beating Murder, Ages 10 and 14 – IOTW Report

Two Suspects Turn Themselves in Philly Traffic Cone Beating Murder, Ages 10 and 14


Two of the seven juveniles who allegedly beat an elderly man to death with a traffic cone last month in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, turned themselves in on Monday to authorities.

According to local media, two unidentified brothers, ages 14 and 10, turned themselves in to the Philadelphia Police Department’s Homicide Unit for their involvement in the murder of 73-year-old James “Simmie” Lambert. Currently, the suspects have not received formal charges. More

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  1. Here’s the thing, in the name of equity each of them will be given a new car, designer wardrobe, all expenses paid scholarship (with guaranteed degree) at Harvard, and gift certificates for all of Hunter’s hookers.

  2. Grill them to determine the other five. Then grill them and their parents.

    Suggest 10-12 hours at 300F, basting to taste.

  3. Ghetto culture? That’s an oxymoron.
    Feral jackals maybe.

  4. Law of the jungle in Philly. They murder robots too there.

  5. ^^^^^^

    Gotta disagree Dr. Tar. The Law of the Jungle Starts when the great white hunters start blowing this shit up. Except they all won’t be white. Sooner or later, enough’s enough.

  6. “Lambert’s niece said she couldn’t comprehend teenagers would beat an older person in the street for no apparent reason.”

    Welcome to the ‘hood.

  7. Beaten to death with a road cone has got to be a painfully slow way to die. Another great reason to have the 2nd amendment, without all the BS restrictions dumb democrats try to attach.

  8. We must ban traffic cones. They are weapons of murder.

  9. Perfect example why you need a magazine capacity of at least 16; two bullets for each perp.

  10. @PHenry:

    Ghetto culture? That’s an oxymoron.

    In this context, think “petri dish”.

  11. Demon-possessed Godless barbarians raised by demon-possessed Godless barbarians. They seek prey in packs. These are the “people” who would beat an old man in the street and think nothing of it.
    Large urban blue cities are deadly. Thanks to the left, elderly can no longer safely live in those Hell holes. God help them.

  12. Sometimes they call it wilding, sometimes the knockout game, but unprovoked and random violence seems the norm for our more urban denizens. The little community agitator Komrade Zer0 was the one that really got this shit started.

  13. ‘“These kids should come forward,” Stephens told the New York Post. “Their parents should come forward. Something is very wrong when kids are out at 2 a.m. beating and killing an old man. We’ve lost God. We’ve lost family. What’s happened to us?”’

    Well, let start with: who do you keep voting for? Is it the party of free junk? Catch & release? Baby-killers? Build Back Better? Shovel-ready jobs?

    There’s one answer.

    Next question: where are these kids’ fathers? Oh, you don’t say. Not in the picture because (fill in the blank)?

    Now we’re getting somewhere.

  14. Kids like this hear and see this kind of thing at home.
    Have you seen the video of the toddlers yelling f you b**ch and hitting 2 cops?

  15. gro-bama’s sons @ work, like t. martin

  16. Feral and black – just like the two diapered tots we saw hitting a cop. I do believe that criminals are born not made.

  17. @ Tony R, “hearts and mind” is translated one in the chest and two in the head.

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