Two Tales Of the Same City

Last year, Greenpeace selected a Northern Indian village, one that never had electricity, as a demonstration project for going completely solar.

31st January, 2014 : Village women are singing folk songs on roof of a house in Dharnai village, block Makhdumpur, district Jehanabad, Bihar. People of Dharnai had facility of electricity supplied by the state Government but this infrastructure is no more available since last 33 years. Diesel generators are the only source of electricity in these villages. So development of solar power micro grid to electrify the entire village brings new hope in the villagers.

The environmental organization and its supporters declared how much better off the people of Dharnai were now that there was electricity to run water pumps and light the streets at night. But after a year the people in the village demanded “real electricity, not fake electricity!”

The Greenpeace version

One Year Later

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  1. They’d be miles ahead if they were allowed to burn coal with some pollution controls. There is nothing wrong with coal when burned properly!
    Anybody who contributes to Green Fleece deserves to get robbed!

  2. This is the Progressive idea of compassion.
    Make poor people pay electricity rates that are 3 times what others pay, and have to by light bulbs that cost 66 times what others are paying.
    That is like fining people that can’t afford health insurance.
    These are evil people that have nothing but contempt for anyone they consider less than themselves.
    Their motto is “I am better than you, and I enjoy your suffering. Here, by all means, have some more.”

  3. It’s all a head fake.
    Solar is not ‘free’. The initial cost and then the cost of maintenance is prohibitive for most, then there is the days that are dark.
    The pollution created when they make the batteries is amazing plus replacement and disposal of the old ones is another hidden cost.
    Had a buddy who lived on a sailboat, a big one. It needed a new generator, without heeding my advice, he went solar. A year later, the solar was gone and a brand new quiet, efficient diesel generator was installed.
    When I smiled at the missing solar panels while boarding one day he said, “I don’t want to talk about it.”.
    When he did talk, it was about the constant maintenance, had to clean the panels every day of salt spray and seagull poop, after three days of rain, the batteries were dead and everything in the reefer was spoiling, loss of deck space on a sailboat that required being able to climb about to get to the sails and rigging. Say nothing of the loss of his nekid women sun deck.
    Guy went from a solar advocate to a solar depressive. He decided filling the diesel tank once a month and just pushing a button far outweighed his finical, deck space and labor loss.
    Like Kermit says, it’s hard being green.
    Some folks just have to step into the fire ants mound before they start to look.

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