TX Border Patrol Chief Reveals Startling Border Apprehension Numbers

Dan Bongino: A Texas Border Patrol chief dropped some startling numbers on the President yesterday when he described how many of those apprehended at the border were from nations other than Central America and Mexico.

Speaking to the President at the U.S. border in Mission, TX, Rio Grande Valley Acting Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz noted that while they apprehended 450 individuals on Wednesday, 133 of those apprehensions were people from countries other than Central America and Mexico–including two from Pakistan.

“That includes individuals from India, Pakistan, China, Romania, Ecuador, Nicaragua and on and on,” he said.

Ortiz said his sector has apprehended individuals from 41 different countries.  more

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  1. When every DJT takes one of these trips, there’s always at least one epic pic. This trip didn’t disappoint. He had a Black Hawk hovering above full of snipers. At the end he saluted those guys and they all saluted back. If I find it again I link it. Our soldiers and LEO LOVE Trump.

    Everyone he met with that normally carries a gun, was carrying a gun. Not Like Barry the coward.


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