TX: Middle school teacher impregnated by 14 year old

Update at the bottom, with link…

EAG: HOUSTON – Police are on the lookout for a Texas middle school teacher who allegedly became pregnant with her student’s child before aborting the baby and fleeing to avoid prosecution.

Alexandria Vera, a 24-year-old Stovall Middle School English teacher with a penchant for posting cleavage exposing selfies online, has reportedly been on the run since the District Attorney’s Office authorized criminal charges for an allegedly sexual relationship with one of her 14-year-old students this school year, KPRC reports.

Court documents allege Vera admitted to police she had sex almost daily with one of her male students between September 30, 2015 and January 30, 2016 at her home in Harris County, and that the victim’s parents both knew of and approved of the relationship. MORE

SNIP: Yes, it’s rape. Unless you’re a feminist prog and think it’s the underaged male’s fault for deviously trying to entrap her by wearing his skimpy shorts during gym class.

Update: She turned herself in

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  1. I refuse to comment on this story as it would expose my jealousy. All of my teachers were either men or scags.

  2. At 14, I would have hit it.
    By 18 I would have figured that a tramp like that either had VD or worse.

  3. I am am the father of a thirteen year-old son. And this shit is not funny, assholes. Maybe gain a prodigy or something.

  4. To all you motherfuckers who think the boy is gifted, here’s a bit of feminism that actually makes sense: Switch it, if the teacher was a dude and the student was a girl. Either way you’re dicked in the head.

  5. I wish my eighth grade P.E. teacher looked like this. She was an ugly, big fat lesbian who played a mean game of shuttlecock.

  6. Ignore the “teen boy fantasy” angle and engage with the story with some discernment, I really wonder about this woman’s metal health…honestly, what is an extremely attractive, early twenties woman doing with an obsession over a 13/14 year old boy…I have an 11 year old son and 15 year old exchange student at home…love them both but they are children in terms of their understanding of the world and mental/emotional development. The fact that this woman spent her time and effort with a child instead of an adult speaks volumes about her connection to reality.

    Something is seriously wrong with her. And as it was already stated…reverse the sexes and you know it’s true.

  7. Yes, it may be every schoolboys fantasy to do a teacher that looks like that, but the kid is just that…a kid. He has no idea what it means, and also no ability to imagine the consequences.

    The teacher needs to go to prison, and with the same lengthly sentence that a male teacher would get for screwing a 13 year old female student. If it is discovered that the kid’s parents were indeed aware and approving, then they need to get some serious prison time too.

    That kid is now going to be fucked up for life.

  8. Ya know what, and I’ll spell it out to you. I am a father of a female 16 year-old, A female 15 year-old, and a male 13 year-old.

    And you sound like pigs. No, you are pigs

  9. “David French would never advocate teacher-on-student provocation.”

    But everyone else has. You got your man. Vote for him.

  10. The boy’s parents allegedly welcomed her with open arms. There’s enough Crazy Tonic to go all around.

    Let me clue you people… for every one of these relationships that makes the news, there are two more you’ll never know about.

    Go to a PTA meeting in rural America; they protect one another.

    BTW, name calling the commenters here contributes nothing, except delicious amusement for lurkers. Luv-it. 🙂

  11. None of that “kid stuff” here in Philly…

    In my local school district, the teachers get involved with parents, and parents get involved with each other. Now, there’s real drama and intrigue… and you’ll never hear a word about it in the media. LOL

  12. People have become so immoral that this trend of sexual perversion is most likely to continue and increase in frequency.
    They’ll be giving out academy awards for this kind of behavior in a decade or two, if not sooner.

  13. She went for a boy so she could control him.
    That in itself pretty sick
    A thirteen year old knows nothing of the wiles of women.
    She needs jail, and lots of it.

  14. To sit there and declare that a 13-14 year old will be f*cked up for life, after having sex with ANYONE, is total speculation. In my 13th year I experienced some ‘adult activities’ that have yet to negatively reflect on my mental, physiological, psychological or any other –ological state of being. Granted….that’s just my humble opinion and I wouldn’t change anything even it I had the opportunity.

  15. I just googled this guy. He served in the general army with no mention of heroics. What the hell are you talking about? He’s a play write. So is his wife. Did you two use to play with litle green army men or did he set a record for peeling potatoes in the mess hall. I know a couple people I consider bad ass war heros. Fly out, I’ll introduce you.

  16. She got an abortion the minute she got caught. The news also said that his parents knew about it and we’re “fine with it”
    She’s looking at 25 years in prison. Your tax dollars at work…

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