TX school district buys $700k home to tear down for access road — then superintendent moves in!

EAG News:

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas – A Texas news station is blowing the lid off a local school superintendent’s pricey perks paid for with taxpayer dollars.

Fox 4 launched an investigation in March into the lavish lifestyles of North Texas school superintendents, and it uncovered one superintendent in particular who is living the high life heavily subsidized by local taxpayers.

The Grand Prairie Independent School District purchased a home and five acres near a popular fine arts academy for nearly $700,000 about a year and a half ago, allegedly with plans to build another access road to the school or additional educational facilities.

But a district spokesperson told GPISD has no timetable for following through on the plans, and confirmed superintendent Susan Hull currently lives in the four-bedroom, two and a half bath, 2,700 square foot home.

The Dallas Central Appraisal District valued the property at $400,000, but Hull is exempt from paying what would be a $12,000 annual property tax bill because it’s owned by the taxpayers.

The discovery prompted Fox 4 to dig deeper, and district officials released additional records four months after the station submitted a public information request that reveal taxpayers also footed the bill for $125,000 in renovations to the home that were never approved by the school board.  more here

22 Comments on TX school district buys $700k home to tear down for access road — then superintendent moves in!

  1. Tear it down with her inside, this is an outrageous abuse of eminent domain. Her reward should be living in the big house for 30 years.

  2. Results are all that matters, and I’ll have you know that the majority of students in the third grade are able to read on a fourth grade level. Of course, most students have repeated the third grade seven times…

  3. Lock her up. She has absolutely no right to live on
    That property. Obviously. But there seems to relish no move to evict her.

    If somebody stole my property in that way and coopted it for personal residence, I would not allow her near the front door.

  4. With civic spirit, maybe someone will rent a bulldozer and help build the access road for the school, right through the house?

    That might be nice.

  5. You know I respect the news station for doing the story but I’m kind of wondering when some enterprising news organisation is going to put the same effort into investigating the Clinton Foundation or Podesta and his foreign buddies or Clinton’s for sale sign outside her SecState office door or the leaks in DC that are bordering on treason in an attempt to bring down a President.

  6. Lol! My sister moved to Texas from California to get away from this type of skulldugery. She’s in for a rude awakening that politics aren’t that different else where.

  7. So what is your school superintendent paid? People do plenty of bitching about teachers, but there is a loud silence about administrators.

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