Types of People Who Stay in Hotels

Don’t lie. We know you take the shampoo too.

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  1. I do use my socks as gloves for my hands and then remove the ‘comforter’ from the bed. It doesn’t matter what brand of Hotel I stay… I do that all the time. I doubt they ever wash those things. Yuck.

  2. “Don’t lie. We know you take the shampoo too.”

    … as opposed to leaving a half-empty bottle for the next occupant? lol

    otoh … I’d be a bit suspicious of a soap-on-a-rope, hanging in the shower, that wasn’t brand new … just sayin’

  3. If you were near the Hilton in San Francisco in 1992…I was the one with the socks on about the 12th floor….and the only one moving….Holly still wonders why I don’t miss her…..

  4. In reference to the Germophobe, now that Queers can get married. Is any sane person staying in the Honeymoon Suite. That is the one room you know people will have sex. So in other words, You’re soaking in it.

  5. I don’t take the shampoo because it is a racist part of the white hierarchy.

    Actually, if I don’t open it, I don’t take it. I figure that if I open it they are just going to throw it away anyway.

    But it is generally crap so why bother?

  6. If it’s a high end hotel and a brand I adore, I’ll not only keep the stuff in the room, I’ll help myself to a few extras from the housekeeping cart parked in the hallway. Just the shampoo and hand lotion. Ok, sometimes the little soaps if they’re really nice ones. They smell nice in my lingerie drawers.

  7. NEVER use a hotel room coffee maker that has a carafe. The mooselimbs use them as pee pots because they are too lazy to walk into the bathroom and piss in the toilet.

  8. A whole bunch of us iOTW folks will be staying at Hotels over the weekend. We will report in after the weekend.
    Wish you were here. Maybe next year.

  9. Best hotel story I have ever heard is from dear ol dad.

    Dad’s best buddy and his wife in the industry my dad was in were also dad and his wife’s traveling companion to conventions.

    Buddy’s wife is a nut.

    So, they were in the horseshoe shaped hotel in Hawaii in a luxury suite on the top floor and buddy goes to take a restroom break and a shower and he is on the pot, with his pants down around his ankles and the fire alarm goes off. He smells smoke and hears a commotion and comes out of the head with his pants around his ankles to find the lights off, the room full of smoke, curtains closed and the bed going up in flames.

    Being a man of action he Slides the glass door open, grabs the mattress and hauls it out onto the patio and throws it over the rail and watches as it flames it’s way twenty-some stories down into the swimming pool.

    When he went into the restroom to take a crap and a shower the wife had slipped into a negligee, pulled the curtains, turned on some mood music and put lit candles all around the room before turning out the lights and hiding in the closet.

    Since there was a major convention in town, there wasn’t a room to be had and their suite was uninhabitable. They were put up on rollaway beds in a room in the basement and the swimming pool was put out of commission for most of the week.

  10. Ever watch “Hotel Impossible” on the Travel Channel? I love that show!!! It’s great to binge watch and one of my favorite “reality” shows. Then, you can look up the hotel and see if they succeeded or not after the makeover. Yeah, I do that. LOL!

  11. Best dang hotel I ever stayed in was a Motel by the side of the road in Nevada.

    Run by Hindus, natch, but the place was clean, silent as a tomb and had a short toilet…..yeah…. I know….but it worked like one of those squatty potties.

    Then I drove 45 minutes to the Pizza Barn and watched the Angles play baseball on the big TV.

    So wherever that place is, I recommend it.

  12. No doubt, there is shit that goes on that would result in a guest bringing a big law suit.

    Short of that, I will take the shampoo, conditioner and hand lotion.
    I saved them for a couple of years, (I only travel on seldom occasions), and then I turned them over to a ‘crisis center’.
    They were truly appreciative and that’s all I needed to know.

    Trust me, if anyone else were to follow suit….It’s free, it’s heart-felt and it is more than appreciated.

  13. According to various studies, THE filthiest thing in a hotel room is the…wait for it…TV remote! You simply would not believe what people do with that thing ;(

  14. I recommend buying and using those nylon sleeping inserts that come in several sizes and can be washed at home after a trip. Some of the best hotels have bedbugs that will eat you alive if you happen to inhabit the wrong room. The Waldorf Astoria had a bedbug invasion a few years ago that was epic, and it created lots of problems for the guests who found the nasty bugs in their luggage and clothes when they got home. No amount of shampoo and conditioner will erase the memory of a dozen bites from the bugs that can be found in almost any hotel or motel room.

  15. For bedbugs, you have to check the mattresses where the top, sides, and bottoms join. Pull the seam apart a little bit, and if you see what looks like pepper sprinkles, get another room.

  16. I take my own travel coffee pot because GERMS/ 2 hotel essentials are a pair of flip flops to wear in the shower because I don’t trust the tub cleaning and a Sig 226 for the creep who tries to break into your room at 2:00AM.

  17. @Marco, yep, that’s what gives me the willies the most: bedbugs. I haven’t stayed in a hotel in years and am not in a hurry to do it anytime soon.

  18. Of all the worst options, hotels are, well, the least worst. Only hope is that those before us TOOK all those cooties, diseases, germs, and viruses with them. Gaaaack. I hate them. However, they’re safer than a campground, much cheaper than doing the RV thing.

  19. You can thank the Clinton EPA for the bedbug problem – they outlawed the most effective pesticide. What was not a problem for 50 years after WWII is now a nationwide occurrence

  20. Do you know what the difference is between a motel and a hotel?

    50+ years on this planet and I didn’t know. But one of the last hotels I stayed at, a crackhead and his old lady informed me of the difference.

    True story.

  21. Yep!
    I travelled over 60% for work the last two years before I retired 16 months ago. I bought a bar a soap last month for the first time in 3 years after my supply ran out.

  22. I’ve been in a hotel room 225 days a year for the last 16 years, on business. Only a very small handful of bad situations.

  23. @Charlie

    I used to think there was nothing lower than a toilet paper thief. But now we have queers and Antifa and socialists.

    You’re off the hook Charlie. It’s cool, buddy.

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