Typical Lefty: Eric Swalwell wants to legislate himself out of his financial debt

WFB: Despite $174k annual salary, Swalwell has failed to pay down student loans, built up credit card debt as congressman.

19 Comments on Typical Lefty: Eric Swalwell wants to legislate himself out of his financial debt

  1. LOL, AOC a former millennial bartender has a higher net worth than an almost 40 year old lawyer. About the biggest fail you can have.

  2. In Congress since 2012 and he’s not a multimillionaire yet?

    Maybe his finances should be looked at a little harder.

  3. This is the kind of shit our schools are turning out as leaders.

    The age to run for congress should be 45.

  4. Bless his heart… he can’t EVEN afford some Ex-Lax – to get that constipated look off his face! 😆

  5. This loser, bad bartenders, bigoted arabs, insane somalis – the likes of maxine waters is bad enough, but who is next for congress?

    The left’s biggest accomplishment with obama was lowering the bar to the gutter.

  6. I use AMEX all the time but if you let it roll over to the following month the rate is insanely high. You’d think the moron would at least keep that one in control.

  7. Sorry to be uncharitable, but when this buttwipe opens his mouth, he confirms he’s as stupid as he looks. punchableface, in spades.

  8. “Swalwell has said he will not run for another term in Congress, instead focusing on his presidential campaign.”


  9. The GOP has been hyper liberal in Cal for 28 years. We’ve had to choose between a far left GOP lier or a center left Dem. Swalwell is a good example. The progressive carpetbagger they ran for Gov last year is another. Just because the lefty had been an out of state liberal did not change his liberal actions, not words!

  10. I’m sorry @exajahead. Did you just describe swallow well as a centrist?

    No leftist is a centrist. But the lines have been blurred beyond recognition in the once golden state.

    What is the centrist position on abortion, the unelected administrative state bureaucrats issuing decrees pn the people?

    Centrist democrats are a myth.

  11. HMMMM lets see the feds took over student loan debt a while a go Representative Swallowell is a federal government employee. Sound like the ideal situation for wage GARNISHMENT to me. He should set an example to his constituents. HA HA like that would ever happen

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