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Tyson Foods consolidates corporate offices and leaves Chicago


Tyson Foods will relocate around 1,000 corporate positions from the Chicago area as well as South Dakota to its headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas.

One of the world’s largest meat producers said Wednesday that corporate staff at its Chicago and Downers Grove, Illinois, locations and Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, office will begin relocating early next year.

The consolidation of corporate offices is intended to allow for closer collaboration and no layoffs will accompany the shift, the company said. Tyson plans to expand and remodel its headquarters in Arkansas.

The parent company of Jimmy Dean and Ball Park products employs about 137,000 workers worldwide. The announcement follows some recent high-profile corporate maneuvers, including naming John Tyson __ the great-grandson of the company’s founder __ as its chief financial officer.

Chicago has had a number of corporate departures in recent months. more

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