U.N. Report Blames Israel for Palestinian Men Beating Their Wives

The UN just keeps on making excuses for these emotionally immature, immoral people.  Maybe they see a reflection of themselves?


A new report by a United Nations expert, and submitted to the U.N. Human Rights Council, blames Israel in part for Palestinian men beating their wives — offering more fuel to those in the Trump administration seeking to leave the council over its anti-Israel bias.

The document, first reported by U.N. Watch, which monitors the international body, was written by Dubravka Šimonović — the Special Rapporteur on violence against women — who filed dual reports based on her trips to the region in 2016. The report in question focuses on the “causes and consequences” of violence against women in the region.

In her filing on Israel, Šimonović highlights what she claims is a “clear linkage” between the “Israeli occupation” and Palestinian domestic abuse:  MORE

6 Comments on U.N. Report Blames Israel for Palestinian Men Beating Their Wives

  1. Arabs beating their wives predates the state of Israel. It is codified and and made legal via the KORAN! Write an antisemtic report blaming cultural and religious flaws of group A. blaming the Jews and you have a nice job with great benefits and great pay. Write the same report minus the antisemitism but point to facts like “the way to properly beat your wife is explained in the Koran” and you will be fired for racism.

    Just another reason why I hate and loath the UN. It is well past time we treat the UN like the sick joke that it has become.

  2. It’s all so Blatant , they Know We are Aware they are Lying… Right ?
    If not I’d like to play Poker with them, they gave away their Tell !

  3. They’d really be pissed if they couldn’t molest goats. Thank
    god the Israeli’s didn’t go THERE!

  4. Yup, beating women, molesting livestock and buggering young boys is all standard fare for these primatives.


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