U.S. Air Marshals Planning Rebellion After Biden Orders Them To Southern Border: Report – IOTW Report

U.S. Air Marshals Planning Rebellion After Biden Orders Them To Southern Border: Report

Conservative Brief:

United States Air Marshals are reportedly planning to “mutiny” against an order from President Joe Biden to leave their posts aboard commercial flights and head to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Air Marshal National Council President David Londo told the Washington Examiner that dozens of marshals are vowing to directly disobey the order in protest. Biden’s White House ordered U.S. air marshals to the southern border given there’s a shortage of Border Patrol agents, which has fueled the immigration crisis.

“The rank and file air marshals are going to refuse to deploy and risk termination,” Londo said. “You’re almost going to have a mutiny of a federal agency, which is unheard of. Morale is so destroyed from this. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

The Transportation Security Administration released a statement denying the claim, saying it is “entirely inaccurate and does not reflect the critical and professional law enforcement role these officers perform.” MORE

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  1. The Air Marshalls aren’t all corrupt yet so Pedo’s being used to give stupid orders to weed out the ones who actually have dignity and honor and respect their oaths.

    No “good guys with guns” can be allowed to have anything but fealty to the Party. This makes the ones that may object to being used for whatever purpose the Communists see fit to self-eliminate.

    All law enforcement will be co-opted. The “good guys” will defend the tyrants to the end.

  2. The plan has always been to create fear among the citizenry in order for them to give you more control. So, in stage I, they get as many terrorists into the country as possible. Now it has moved to stage II – opening up opportunities for them to be….terrorists.

  3. Dear Shitpants,

    Air Marshals DO NOT ride Horses & patrol the the Texas & Arizona.

    You are getting confused with Marshal Dillon of Gun smoke, John Wayne playing Rooster Cogburn,and Clint Eastwood in Hang Em High.

    Now, Please go back to your bowl of Captain Crunch and wait for mommy Jill to Wipe your ass & change your Kevlar Diaper.

    Your Pissed Through Mattress is being swapped out on Sunday, as per usual, and You can work your way through a new on on Tonight after Buggs Bunny.

  4. All of the above aaaaannnnd I’d bet a good steak that if they were to report to border patrol they would spend weeks getting “trained” on everything they aren’t allowed to do with the lone exception of “Insert Thumb In Ass”

  5. Forgot to add –
    It’s a forgone conclusion that if they were to enforce the law they would wind up getting prosecuted for some kind of fabricated abuse by our own government, their employers!!!

  6. First question to ask is how many hijackings or other violent crimes have “air marshals” prevented in the past couple of decades. I am not aware of any. If the TSA does their job correctly and the pilots keep the cockpit doors locked hijackings can’t happen. And an air marshal no matter how well trained and armed they are can NOT prevent a bomb from going off on a plane since they won’t know about till it goes kaboom. Therefore it’s a high order probability that air marshals are a waste of tax dollars. Money best spent elsewhere….like preventing the border invasion.

  7. There should be no doubt that the sex assaulter Joe Biden’s “order” includes sex-sales trafficking of minors, teens, and women.

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