U.S. Airstrikes Hit Syrian Military Vehicles for Violating ‘De-Confliction Zone’

Breitbart: American airstrikes targeted a group of Syrian militia vehicles after they ignored U.S. warnings and violated a “de-confliction zone” on Thursday.

CNN reports that the strike occurred near a base American forces use to train allied Syrian opposition fighters.

A convoy of twenty vehicles approached the town of An Tanf on Wednesday night, evidently searching for opposition fighters and raising concerns among the U.S. coalition. A total of thirteen vehicles penetrated the de-confliction zone, but the U.S. did not take action until five of them came with 29 kilometers of the base.

When five Syrian military vehicles persisted in approaching the base, the U.S. conducted a “show of force” with two warplanes to persuade them to halt. When the Syrians insisted on proceeding into the area, the U.S. planes were cleared to fire.

Although one of CNN’s sources said it remained unknown whether the American planes only fired warning shots, a second U.S. defense official said an airstrike “did hit the convoy after the vehicles continued toward the base.”  read more

5 Comments on U.S. Airstrikes Hit Syrian Military Vehicles for Violating ‘De-Confliction Zone’

  1. Syria is going to be a show of force in the face of ISIS and those other assholes.
    We can tip toe around, blowing shit up just to mess with them when they get out of line…
    In the meantime, how do the Dems think Trump is a Putin puppet when he’s over there blowing up Putin’s terror buddie’s shit?

  2. That whole area is nothing but a shithole that
    you can thank klinton and obola for. Remember the
    arab spring bullshit? Well, it sprung.

  3. Syria just isn’t our business, neither is Venezuela for that matter. We should be allied with the Russians against the true threat instead of pretending there are good and bad jihadies.

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