U.S. Army Honor Guard Member Faints During Obama’s Farewell Speech

DailyCaller: A member of the U.S. Army Honor Guard fainted while Barack Obama was delivering his farewell address to the Armed Forces Wednesday.

It’s unclear what happened to the guard.




21 Comments on U.S. Army Honor Guard Member Faints During Obama’s Farewell Speech

  1. Why didn’t Obama tell everyone that he would get para-legals to help him?

    I hope it wasn’t serious enough to require a corpseman.

    15 days, and this national nightmare will be over.

  2. Its easy, happens in a lot of ceremonies. We always tell them don’t lock your knees. I was on the color guard in Las Vegas, standing in the sun for an hour is surprisingly tiring. Even if you’re not hungover.

  3. He was the lucky one. The rest of the poor bastards had to be there for the whole damn farce. Maybe he faked it just to get out of being there for the whole damn thing.

  4. There’s always one guy who didn’t get the word. Always, always put vicks vapor rub below nostrils when within 20′ of Obozo.

  5. The whole line agreed they would just fall out when Obama said “I” for the fortieth time, but chicken out. The one guy that followed through just figure ‘I’ll stay here so I won’t get ripped as badly’.

  6. Horses sweat.
    Gentlemen perspire.
    Ladies ‘glow’.

    Soldiers don’t ‘faint’.
    They can sometimes “drop”.
    Or in the old British Army, “keel”.


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