U.S. Government Releases Predators Against Its Own People

EPA Abuse

Others told similar stories. Children, waiting for the school bus, have to be caged to be protected from the wolves. Nine ranches in the current habitat area along the New Mexico/Arizona border have been sold due to wolf predation—too many cattle are killed, and ranchers are forced off the land.

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A new U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) plan to expand the area for the Mexican grey wolf reintroduction calls for virtually all of Southern New Mexico to become wolf habitat—but advocates at a hearing about the plan, held on August 13, repeatedly expressed their desire to have wolves introduced north of I-40—which would include the urban areas of Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Wolves are master predators that attack bigger prey: deer, elk, horses, and cattle—but will carry off dogs and cats. The wolves that are a part of the reintroduction program are not afraid of people and will come right up to a house if they are hungry.

Supporters plead for people to “open their eyes and hearts to wolves, to remove boundaries.” One claimed that “The big bad wolf isn’t so bad after all,” and added: “There’s no proof a wolf has ever harmed a human.”

Most opponents of the plan live in areas already impacted by the original 1998 wolf reintroduction.



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  1. I bet if an illegal passing through a ranch kills a wolf in self-defense, the Feds come after the rancher in a manner reminiscent of Genghis Khan.

  2. Introduce them into the Rose Garden, Martha’s Vineyard and the golf course that our great mulatto leader frequents. While we’re at it, the South and Southwest side of Chicago could use a few hundred.

  3. Any canine is damn easy to poison with strychnine, the problem is that it will take out the Condors etc. which will feed on the wolf carcasses. Wolves, coyotes and bears were relatively easy for the early settlers to deal with because of their affection for rotten meat of any kind. Cats, not so much, they like their meat fresh and had to be hunted w/dogs or trapped.

  4. They need to be introduced to the Washing DC area. Maybe they’ll eat some of those liberal asshole (if they can get past the smell).

  5. Shoot, bag, bury.

    That rancher who shot one a couple of years ago and left it till next day to retrieve had the full force of the Nazi Bureaucracy waiting for him. He was arrested, rifles confiscated, and I don’t recall if he got jail or just a fine – either way, an abuse of authority by unelected bureaucrats.

  6. A rancher up the road from my cousin’s outfit (right smack up against the Bob) had a Grizzly Bear under his front porch and he shot it. His legal bills came to north of $150K before it was all said and done.

  7. Just following the UNs Agenda 21 Wildlands Project which means most of the West will be left fallow. No human presence, and the reintroduction of wild species, destruction of Dams, among other statist/commie plans. Am I the only one who knows this?

  8. Just shoot the damned things. Idaho has allowed selective hunting of wolves the past few years because of predation on livestock and so far it is working well. They also should drop a pair of wolves right smack dab into the middle of Central Park in NYC and see what happens. We’re having a problem with wolves preying on sheep in NE Wash. state right now. They’ve killed quite a few sheep and they have already killed some of the wolves responsible and are going to kill more of the wolves until they can control these deadly predators.

  9. There’s a reason why they were nearly extinct to begin with, wolves and man can’t co-exist. Any time the frickin’ Fish and Wildlife assholes get involved with reintroducing a species they screw things up beyond belief.

  10. Need to have a captive breeding program selecting for wolves that smell out DRD4 mutants and rips them to skeletons.

    Solve the commie problem right there.

  11. This is a continuation of the war against ranchers (we shouldn’t be eating beef, don’t ya know), and the war against hunters (once the wolves decimate the deer and elk population, we will have to stop hunting to allow the game animals to repopulate). This shit (wolf reintroduction)started in Yellowstone and we were promised they wouldn’t go beyond the park boundary. Then they spread to Idaho. Now they are in Oregon.

  12. Read Ernest Thompson Seton’s “Lobo, King of Currumpaw” to see history of infamous New Mexican wolves capabilities in the past. E. Thompson Seton wrote great animal stories, and his books are collectors’ items.


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