U.S. government seeks volunteers for Ebola vaccine

How about you try testing in Africa first?


(Reuters) – The U.S. government will begin testing on people an experimental Ebola vaccine as early as September, after seeing positive results from tests on primates, according to media reports on Thursday.

The National Institutes of Health’s infectious disease unit is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to put the vaccine into trial as quickly as possible, according to CNN and USA Today. The director of that unit could not be reached for comment.

(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis; Editing by Sandra Maler)


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  1. We still don’t know what the natural host of the virus is and we think we can develop a vaccine?

    Treatment for it is primitive at best and you have to have someone who survived it in the first place to extract antibodies to provide that treatment.

    Hey, What could possibly go wrong bringing it into an environment where as far as we know it has never naturally existed?

    Well, if it gets loose here we know that at some point it will make a very entertaining movie for the survivors.

  2. I’ll say it again, this is what death row inmates are for. Hell, you wouldn’t even have to order them to do it just promise them some extra commissary and better meals and some sort of survivor stipend for a relative of their choosing if the result turns out poorly and they’ll clamor at the bars to take part. And if you lose some, well it’s just an early execution of the courts decision.

  3. …nevermind, there are 300,000,000+ citizens that are ready to test how bad an ebola pandemic can be… at least it will stop illegals from coming to America, hell maybe not they’ll still get everything free!!!

  4. “How about you try testing in Africa first?”

    It says that’s what they already did, …”after seeing positive results from tests on primates”…

  5. @Annie

    Followed your link – studies completed testing tolerance to vaccine not vaccine ability to prevent disease protection.

    I’m sure the DOD/CDC conducting studies on Ebola exposure victims over there. I just know it.

  6. Just smear it on EBT cards, ObamaPhones, or in the glue on the backs of Food Stamps!

    Already being paid … might as well get some use out of em.

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