U.S. Interfered In Macedonia’s Political Process

And Soros was involved-

Daily Caller: Lawmakers are currently looking into interference by a nation-state with another country’s political process.

This is not in reference to the House and Senate Intel Committees’ investigation into Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election, though. Instead, several Republican senators and congressmen are inquiring about a partnership in Macedonia between the U.S. government and a foundation started by liberal mega-donor George Soros.

Letters have been sent by lawmakers to the Government Accountability Office, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and the U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily. In a January letter to Baily, Republican Utah Sen. Mike Lee wrote: “I have received credible reports that, over the past few years, the US Mission to Macedonia has actively intervened in the party politics of Macedonia, as well as in the shaping of its media environment and civil society, often favoring groups of one political persuasion over another.”


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  1. Oh, give me a freakin’ break! The U.S. govt has been mucking about with the politics and govt structure in other countries since 1823, and arguably earlier. What a bunch of phony pearl clutchers.

  2. Didn’t Victoria Nuland literally orchestrate the overthrow of the legitimately elected government of Ukraine?

    That would probably qualify as interference in a foreign country’s political process.

    I wonder if Soros was involved in that, too?

  3. @AC – Wasn’t it convenient that the U.S. got to build their canal through friendly, agreeably corrupt Panama instead of having to deal with those unfriendly, disagreeably corrupt Colombians who thought their national sovereignty included being able to hold on to all their territory? I wonder how that happened, especially the timing…

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