U.S. Military Ammo Supply Line Is Not China-Dependent

Breitbart: As possible geopolitical and national security ramifications of limiting ties with China post-coronavirus are weighed, it is important to point out that the U.S. military ammunition supply is not China-dependent.

On March 20, 2020, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) sent a letter to the Department of Defense in which the critical role of domestic firearm and ammunition manufacturers was emphasized. read more

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  1. That’s because the military knows the importance of not having dirty propellants and primers fouling and corroding barrels and actions. It’s advantageous to have something happen when you pull the trigger.

  2. No, but SoS HRC sold our share of Uranium One to Russia.
    Hanford’s shut down – is Savannah still open?
    Where do we get our P-239?
    Copper (Cu)? Mercury (Hg)? Saltpeter (KNO3)? Tin (Sn)? Iron (Fe)? Mn? Mo? Depleted Uranium (U)? Sulfur (S)? Tc? Nb? W?
    Got me.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Remington went into bankruptcy and the other manufacturers
    have been under a lot of pressure from low sales up until
    this latest panic run. If the lefties get the chance they
    will having us buy ammo only approved by the Commies in
    the UN.
    Airsoft will do a booming business.

  4. KLIN – TON I banned all Norinco (China North Industries – their state armory/ammo mfg.) imports, in February ’94.

    THAT was to screw us civilian gun owners 😡 ; we’ve never been dependent as a nation (our military) on Chinese arms OR ammo.

    Norinco firearms (with the EXCEPTION of their 1911 knockoff, which sucked OUT LOUD) and ammo was actually quite good, and inexpensive. I STILL miss it!

  5. Small arm ammo for our military has never been produced by foreign suppliers to my knowledge.

    But my all time favorite 7.62X51 (.308) surplus is South African. I’ve got a lot of Lake City too, but my go to is the SA. The Hirtenberger military surplus is excellent also but hard to find today. I don’t trust the Indian stuff at all.

  6. I bought some 9mm Egyptian ammo once. ONCE.
    About every third shell split and had difficulty extracting.

    Still have a box of it around here, somewhere … and I no longer own a 9!

    izlamo delenda est …


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