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U.S. Navy Trolls The Ayatollahs


The U.S. Navy taunted Iran’s unmatched ability at building a target ship by taking to Instagram and showing a bogus American aircraft carrier with a bullseye on it.

US NAVY Instagram

The Navy proclaimed in a meme, ‘IRAN BUILDS TARGET SHIP’, showing an aerial view of the fake vessel sitting alongside, unprotected and vulnerable with a bullseye, and adds across the bottom of the image, ‘THEY’RE EXPERTS AT THAT’. More

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  1. Gonna shoot paint balls at it? Kinda brings to mind hunting Cecil the lion’s geriatric ass while he’s chained to a tree. A few miles off the shore line, there’s probably a real one to practice on, only it’s hauling a few metric fuktons of ayatollah whup ass.

  2. …and there’s a mostly peaceful riot at a Georgia prison today. They are all safe from the virus because they are protesting and they are not white.

  3. Priceless.
    Do you suppose anything like this would have been done in the last 3 administrations?
    – Obama – Let’s actually park an undefended carrier in Iranian waters
    – Bush – No, you can’t do that, we must turn the other cheek
    – Clinton – don’t bother me while Monica is here

  4. Tuesday’s exercise was seen as especially provident in Iran because nobody was killed in the process, as has happened before.
    I guess the US Navy should have fixed that for them.

  5. A very fine example of what they have learned from American MSM.

    Or, showing off their new toys from the Iran and Communist China $400 billion strategic deal.

  6. I’ve been to to the Persian Gulf and thru the Straits of Hormuz in 1974 when the Shah was still in power. The Navy used to station P-3 Orion Anti Submarine aircraft at Bandar Abbas to patrol that area and we were selling brand new F-14 Tomcats to the Iranians then. No thanks to Jimmy Carter for deposing the Shah because he was a supposed human rights violator and bad guy giving us the Ayatollahs to control Iran since the late 70’s. The democraps never met a dictator that they didn’t like who hated America as much as they do. The same thing happened when we betrayed Vietnam in 1975 and allowed the commies to take over, so much for the so called Domino Theory.

  7. It would have been fun to send an F-35 in at 60,000 feet with a smart bomb to blast the “carrier” along with the collateral damage to the PT boats. Rag heads wouldn’t know what hit them, and chalk it up to “friendly fire”.

    This lack of maturity is just one of many reasons I am not defense secretary.


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