U.S., Poland Officially Break Ground On New Missile Defense Site

Poland adds more defense despite Russia’s whining.

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LI: The United States and Poland have broken ground on the site of the new defense missile site, which will probably anger Mother Russia. But what else is new?

Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work tried to assure by reminding them the site will only protect NATO members:

“Today we stand at a strategic inflection point and a change in the strategic landscape,” Work said at this Polish military base situated in a northern village. Europe and NATO face a range of new and complex security challenges, he said. Addressing those challenges will require a “more capable NATO alliance, one that continues to evolve and adapt to threats,” he said.

In efforts to protect the alliance, NATO is making important investments, including in missile defense, he said.


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  1. I really don’t give rat’s ass if it angers Mother Russia. I really do care that it angers ME. WTF is the benefit to ME of the US govt spending my money on missile systems in Poland?

    Stop it! Just stop it. Sheesh.

  2. We were warned to stay out of the affairs of Europe by George Washington. It is 20 years past time the US should have left NATO and brought all our troops home from everywhere else in the world. If the Poles want missile defense, let them pay the entire cost and man it themselves.

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