U.S. soldiers arrested for allegedly smuggling illegals

Officials hint at possible wider U.S. military-based smuggling operation-

Sharyl Attkisson: U.S. authorities are investigating an illegal immigrant smuggling operation allegedly run by active duty military soldiers out of the Ft. Bliss U.S. Army post in El Paso, Texas.

According to sources and documents, two U.S. soldiers, Marco Antonio Nava, Jr. and Joseph Cleveland, were arrested last Saturday by border patrol officers at Falfurrias, Texas Border Patrol Station Checkpoint attempting to smuggle two Mexican citizens into the U.S. The Mexicans were riding in the back seat of the car. Upon their arrest, the soldiers, who were not in uniform at the time, informed Border Patrol agents they are part of the 377 TC Company at Ft. Bliss.

Nava told investigators it was the second time that he and Cleveland had smuggled in illegal immigrants for pay and, during a debriefing, described a smuggling ring allegedly involving other Ft. Bliss soldiers.  more

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  1. Well now we know how illegal criminals that are caught and it is reported they had been deported up to 5+ times previously make it back. Just pushing Obama policy while making few extra bucks on the side.

  2. Of course, just because they are in the US Army does not mean they are US citizens. I’m not sure the military folks are even allowed to cross the border at El Paso since Juarez was put off limits years ago.

  3. And the pentagon thinks its a good idea to let non-citizens be in our military. This is just one of many reasons why its not. Well, maybe as cooks and janitors. But you no get no boom boom stick, comprende’?

  4. To assume that every US soldier is beyond reproach is ludicrous. Trump is 100% correct in his assertion that some of the missing money in Iraq was stolen by US soldiers. There are many traitors in a US military uniform. Just like there are crooked Policeman, crooked Doctors, etc. Greed always wins out with some people no matter what uniform they wear.

  5. I agree, Tim.
    The first thought in my mind was ‘those poor men are obviously scape goats for the Obummer Admn.’
    I bet you anything that they were told w/ direct orders to do this, and I bet that there are MULTIPLE military units who are doing this all along the border, not just Texas. Wait for it.

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