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UberChristian: The Rideshare App Exclusively for Christians


Do you love Uber but always worried about the music selection and topics your driver may bring up?
Introducing Uber Christian!

15 Comments on UberChristian: The Rideshare App Exclusively for Christians

  1. Why not! The ultimate proof of Free Market Capitalism. Find a niche, and fill it! You stand or fall on your own merits.

  2. Guaranteed you won’t have a moozlim rapist driver. Works for me.

  3. Christians aren’t supposed to be Hot House plants.

  4. How about an Uber no stupid coexist bumper sticker? I wouldn’t want to ride in any car with one of those things on the back.

  5. I think all businesses should be divided up similar to this.

  6. Some times the laugh generated here comes at exactly the time it is needed! I will be riding Uber Catholic!

  7. I’m waiting for Uber Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I hear they are very reliable, and will never drive past a Pastafarian fare.


  8. at least female passengers won`t have $150.00 taken out of their credit cards for peeing on the back seat !seems the new con after leaving cab driver pours water on the seat takes a pic and charges customer for cleaning [ usa this week ] the lady complained and got her money back [ driver was a muslim migrant ]

  9. Shame it’s a parody…..this is actually not a bad idea.

  10. Sounds like an excellent way to have a target painted on your head for an attack, no thanks…..

  11. The music. The conversation. What I’m wearing. I want Uber Helen Keller. Oh… wait.

  12. How about just taking a cab and tipping the driver based on service, you cheap assed commie punks!

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