UC Berkeley Gives Funding, Hotline Number for Illegal Immigrants to Escape ICE

And they don’t know why college tuition is so expensive.


The ultra-liberal University of California, Berkeley is pushing a “rapid response hotline” set up by advocacy groups for illegal immigrants to help undocumented students avoid ICE detainment and flout the law on campus.

The College Fix reports that Cal-Berkeley is promoting a hotline set up by the Alameda County Immigration Legal and Education Partnership, which is a coalition of Centro Legal de La Raza and other pro-illegal groups, to undermine ICE enforcement.

“If you see Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) in action, suspect ICE activity in progress, or if you are detained or someone you know is detained by ICE, call ACILEP for rapid response and immigration legal services,” Centro Legal’s website states. more here

11 Comments on UC Berkeley Gives Funding, Hotline Number for Illegal Immigrants to Escape ICE

  1. aaaaaand … all federal funding to UC Bezerkly should be immediately cut off

    you want to do this fascist shit … do it on your own dime

    … tired of this crap

  2. I say we start a movement. Let’s all call the hot line with a bunch of false reports of “ICE activity”.

    ACILEP’s ICE Activity Hotline: 510-241-4011

  3. I wonder if I can configure My Cell Phone to forward all of those

    nuisance calls to the “Hotline”….See how They like Mindy, from

    the Vehicle Warranty Sales Pitch…Or Todd , from the Healthcare

    Initiative ….etc.

  4. READY THE CATAPULTS for the ILLEGAL FOREIGN INVADERS, faculty, and staff, of that treasonous institution.

    READY THE BULLDOZERS, to take care of UC – Shithole.

    STANDBY, torches… 😡


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