UCLA Hosts ‘Comparative Pornographies’ Conference


The University of California Los Angeles will be hosting a conference in March that focuses on the differences between Western and Asian pornography and seeks to “broaden” the discussion on porn by bringing “pornographic non-Western traditions” into the conversation.

The event is called “Comparative Pornographies: Transnational Approaches to Writing Sex, East and West,” and will be hosted at UCLA in a library on campus.

Comparative Pornographies seeks to “break down the barriers that have separated these scholars and engender a more transnational and intercultural approach to the qualities and development of pornography in the early modern world,” according to the event description on UCLA’s website.  more here

8 Comments on UCLA Hosts ‘Comparative Pornographies’ Conference

  1. Well, Judging by all of the Facebook Memes I’ve seen…

    I would say Japanese Porn is mostly Young Girls in School

    Uniforms licking Dog’s Buttholes…

    But then again…That’s also the cover of their TV Guide.

  2. So, UCLA equates pornographers to scholars?


    And UCLA gets money from the few taxpayers remaining in California.

    Reason #152849762018745982469 to get out of that state ASAP.

  3. Academic Papers to be published from this seminar –

    A Study of Trans-Species Butt-Sex Portrayed in Indian Cinema: Human-to-Pig, Pig-to-Human.

    Vidoes of Children Having Sex: Pornographic or Healthy?

    Necrophilia Explained and Shown in US Public Schools: A Path to Legality and Equality.


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