UConn Says That Black Only Dormitories Isn’t Segregation

The pithy explanation as to why Black-Only Dorms isn’t segregation is that it’s “voluntary.” They aren’t forced to live in separate dorms.

So, can voluntary white-only dorms be set up?


Don’t worry. The White-Only fountain is voluntary.

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  1. “What’s ours is ours and what’s yours is ours… But you get to pay for both.”

    – The black asshole’s interpretation of the Civil Rights movement.

  2. UConn, my alma mater, continues to disappoint. I rarely even mention that I earned a degree from this institution.

    Funny side note; want to guess who my graduation commencement speaker was?

    Bill Cosby. Not kidding.

  3. A Rosa Parks wants to ride in
    a “black only” bus moment.
    Let the @$$h0les win this one.
    Sensable people can have
    have much less contact with
    the affirmative traction fools.

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