UCSC Administrators Should Have Their Bells Rung

University of California, Santa Cruz has announced that the historic mission bells that have hung at the campus for years will be removed this next Friday. The centuries old relics (used between 1769 to 1833)  have been deemed “deeply painful symbols that celebrate the destruction, domination and erasure of our people,” by Valentin Lopez, chairman of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. More

Student and College Republican President, Brandon Lang, questions the removal. “The bells were intended to act as road markers for the historic El Camino Real, the fi[r]st road to span California, not as ‘symbols of genocide.” More

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  1. Welp, it looks like the price of onions and garlic is gonna go up,…again. Next is them claiming that the aquarium at Monterey Bay is on top of their ancient fishing grounds, forcing Cali.to free Willie & Co.. This is never going to end.

  2. Hey Lopez, I’m sick of “your people” appropriating my culture. Give up the indoor plumbing, electricity, and go live in a stick hut.

  3. Seems like a shakedown attempt that blew up in his face. The fug’ is Tonto gonna’ do with a couple of 3 ton bells?

    Nah, chief runs his mouth wanted a payout from the university but got a lovely parting gift instead.

  4. Take all the stuff these liberal pukes are making normal people take down because of their weak livers, and save it for when they crash the civilization.
    Then we can haul it all back out and rebuild in peace.

  5. “deeply painful symbols that celebrate the destruction, domination and erasure of our people…”

    This guy is so full of shit. It’s all about gaining power and position. In other words: money. Alwasy follow the money.

  6. Native american “culture” included treating women like slaves, keeping captured enemies as actual slaves, torture of the most horrible kind, human sacrifice, infanticide when infants were born with defects, abandonment of elderly when they couldn’t contribute, and a dozen other practices abhorrent to civilized society at the time of the conquistadors. The Catholic missionaries job was to civilize the natives. All cultures are NOT equal.

  7. The Missions of California were constructed by the Spanish. I have been told at least twice over twenty years that the Spanish and the indigenous peoples of North America got along just hunky dory. Or was it white Spanish people who built the Missions?

  8. Little know scenes of history:
    There was a bell ringer who worked at Notre Dame, continuing his long family tradition of performing that task. The only living family member who could take his place was his twin brother, who unfortunately had no arms. After repeated assurances that he could perform the job, they asked him to demonstrate his abilities. The man backed up in the belfry and then ran straight at the bell, striking it with his head. The bell rang with a quality never before known, and the job was his. Time passed, and the bell was well rung. Then, one day when it had been raining, the man slipped as he ran toward the bell, causing him to miss it, and he flew out one of the openings of the belfry, striking the pavement below. Passersby were quickly upon the scene, and one of them asked what the unfortunate man’s name was. He was quickly told ‘ I don’t know his name, but the face rings a bell.’ To which another replied ‘ he’s a dead ringer for his brother.’

  9. “… the destruction, domination and erasure of our people,”

    da phuk? … you’re still here, ain’t cha?

    … so sick of this shit

  10. So UCSC history courses don’t contain any information about the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, which ceded the Southwestern states to the United States?

    Oh, wait…I forgot, ……it’s California.


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