UFC- Alistair Overeem Gets His Lip Knocked Off After Vicious TKO

Breitbart: Alistair Overeem was winning his UFC heavyweight bout on Saturday night, right up until things took a sudden and gruesome turn.

Overeem was battling Jairzinho Rozenstruik and seemed to have control of the bout, when all of a sudden, Rozenstruik uncorked a vicious right hand that literally exploded Overeem’s face. Watch:
[Warning: Gross.]

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  1. I came upon a pickup truck crash on a back road on my way home from work the driver had the left side of his face torn off from below the eye to his neck. He was going into shock and his breathing was slowing. The farmer whose yard the truck was on came out and saw the mess and freaked out. I told him to call for help and bring a plastic bag to cover the wound in case i had to do mouth to what was left of the guys mouth. It was very ugly. The ambulance came i talked to police gave them my name and went home. The guy survived. I can still see it clearly to this day.

  2. Mansfield lovell. More like half faced. The skin was stuck to the passenger A piller where he flew out of the cab.

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