She is not aging well… she is aging like… well… Al Sharpton.

She’s not even 30 and she’s looking like RBGinsburg.

ht/ wait for it

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  1. Blonde woman around the world should thank this crazy bitch. She single handedly put an end to any future dumb blonde jokes.

  2. Future is Female. Time to let our better halves run the show. Should be flawless. Just wait for all the innovation too….Yup, just wait….so, gotta wait, I guess…still waiting….um, so, any innovation ladies? Been waiting awhile…Okay, what’s going on?

    Could it be that men have some value afterall?

  3. Evil not only crumples the heart and mind, it warps and pinches the face.

    Also, either her teeth are either getting bigger, or her face is getting smaller.

  4. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature moved out of her district years ago. The dregs who are left voted this thing into office. We will be stuck with her for decades, just like Maxine Waters. We need to require some minimum lever of intelligence before we allow people to vote.

  5. @Westray:

    …um, so, any innovation ladies?

    The ladies have been very innovative in developing new ways to store large numbers of shoes in small closets.

  6. Naw, they just force their beta hubbies to buy them more closet space…or else they file, which they end up doing anyways.

  7. Why won’t anybody just come right out and say it? Sharpton has AIDS. He does, dammit, he really does!

  8. @Plutonium.

    Pretty soon, the giggly schoolgirl will have AIDS too. Looks like she is already having an orgasm, and she is only holding his hand.

  9. How come we ain’t never heard tell of any boy friends?
    Is she that crazy that she runned them all off?

    Askin for a friend.

  10. @ThirdTwin

    We haven’t seen her legs yet….could she also have the curse of the….cancles? I’d bet on it.

  11. She’s been in the House long enough!

    Biden and Ocasio-Cortez in 20!

    BO-C 2020!

    BO-C cuz 2020 is perfect!

    Can I get the T-Shirt concession?

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. See what men get for inventing all those domestic labor-saving devices?
    Ever since women have had too much time on their hands, they’ve been a pain in the ass; wanting to drive, demanding voting rights, gender-based political representation…what a mess!


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