Ugly Ana

Patriot Retort:

If there’s one thing about Donald Trump’s election that I am most grateful for it is how he tore back the curtain and revealed just how ugly and awful the majority of the so-called “news media” is.

The seething hatred they have not just for President Trump, but all of us who voted for him, is palpable.  You can see it in their angry grimacing faces — the clenched jaws, the gritted teeth – every time they talk about him (or us).

And it’s stunning, really, just how open they are about it.

They are ugly, ugly people – sputtering with rage while simultaneously taking vicious delight in anything bad that happens to Trump (or us).

And there is no better example of that than Ugly Ana Navarro.

This so-called strategist (who found a home on CNN pretending to be a “Republican”) has got to be the ugliest of all.

Ugly Ana is the one who, while an actual Republican described the murders of Americans by illegal aliens, made an exasperated face and began filing her nails.  On camera.

Because it isn’t enough to simply be an ugly, wretched person. No, Ugly Ana wants to make darn sure we all know just how little she thinks of us.

Well, yesterday, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage was attacked in the street by a chubby malcontent who dumped a milkshake all over him.

And Ugly Ana thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Of course she did.

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  1. The DeMSM shouldn’t be surprised when we, the people, start to take out our frustration, vengeance, and justice on them. But they’ll be surprised anyway.
    “Why me (us)? What did I (we) do?”

  2. They’re all despicable and driven by irrational hatred. Is is a mass psychosis that has washed over the country. This is so powerful and is so strong that it can inexplicably turn normal rational people into drooling maniacs. And like madmen, they lack the self awareness or even the ability to step back and observe the their own madness. Wow….just plain fucking wow.

  3. This skank calls herself a republican but any sane person with two brain cells colliding in there skull knows the truth. Same with David Brooks and many others. I can call myself handsome but it won’t make me so.

  4. I wonder if this scrunt realizes that she has multiple chins when she is filing her nails on camera? @DiffTim, that made me laugh aloud!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  5. Ugly and ignorant is a terrible way to go through life.
    Ana Navarro is both ugly and ignorant.

  6. @ Moe Tom: And yet, they REALLY seem to relish doing so! Think how surprised they’re going to be when they’re on their knees about to have their heads removed – if they get the future they seem to want.

  7. You got that right SWAMP FOX,who like
    you was a smart dude, revolutionary war fighter in
    South Carolina.There is a national forest
    named after him.Radioman sez it this
    way= WOW JUST WOW. My new catch all goto phrase.

  8. Wonder what she would think about
    felonious invaders after MS-13 got
    hold to her out back in the woods
    where there is an abandon house trailer…

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