‘Uh, I have, uh. We have, uh, um, ya know, uh.’ – IOTW Report

‘Uh, I have, uh. We have, uh, um, ya know, uh.’

WFB: President Joe Biden really struggled this week. He appeared to be suffering from a cold, which is bad news for the vast majority of America terrified at the thought of Kamala Harris becoming president. The National Council on Aging warns that “even a seemingly mild cold can pose a health threat” to adults age 65 and older. (Biden turned 80 in November.)

“Let me start by apologizing for the slight cold I have,” Biden told attendees at the Summit for Democracy. “That’s the only thing that’s happening to me these days.” (We’re not sure what he’s talking about, either.)

Maybe that’s why Biden was even more incoherent than usual this week.

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  1. I agree with Morgan Freeman’s deep fake: Get this guy outta here.

  2. How many “colds” has this joke of a human being had since he took office. I’m beginning to think that Kamala the Hyena couldn’t be any worse.

    To quote Mark Twain (supposedly), “I have never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.”

    That gives me something to live for.

  3. Funny, I just left the bank an hour ago.
    Toronto Dominion (TD)
    Huge Lineup, so a few of us “Normals” started talking.
    A Former McDonald Douglas Employee was insisting that Biden is a Body Double.
    I said, “No Way, they would not have been able to find someone this Stupid, But his war is going nicely isn’t it?” My federal member of parliament is a Ukrainian and there obviously many in my area.

    He then Said, “You Know Justin is Castro’s Kid. She banged Everyone!”
    I said, “Ya, There are pics of he beaver out at Club 54 in the 70’s, Google it”

    The conversation grew to 3 people as a Nurse started laughing and adds, “Whatever you do, Don’t take anymore vaccines, It’s a Bioloical weapon.”

    Now remember, I Live in Toronto within a Turdeau Stronghold. Everybody in that bank was getting really UGLY looking at us. Brainwashed Cocksuckers.
    Nice and loudly I said, “Hey The entire country Voted Against Turdeau except for the cities with the most Drug Addicts & Welfares.”

    FUN DAY, We really pissed off a lot of people in a short time!

  4. If he kicks the bucket or is removed we will have Kameltoe as president.
    Hope the republicans are preparing a ‘VERY strongly worded letter’ for her

  5. Biden’s death(s!), body doubles, Kamalalalala as President…

    Etc., etc., etc….

    At this very moment, we’re about 75% the way to full revolution territory in order to “fix it.” Biden/Harris don’t matter. But the ‘Control’ does.

  6. Hope the child molesting human trafficker ChiCom KKK associate draws his final putrid breath.

  7. Is joey the best/worst we can do for Presidunce? I’ve seen more intelligent pencil erasers, at least they have a purpose, joey doesn’t


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