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Uh oh- NoKo just slammed the phone down

Regated: North Korea said on Monday that they have decided to close direct diplomatic link with Washington, this comes days after the U.S put sanctions on the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, and other officials over human rights abuses. Officials said Kim was “ultimately responsible” Pyongyang is already subject to heavy U.S. sanctions for it’s recklessness with nuclear weapons. Wednesday’s move by the United States marked the first time regime officials had been sanctioned for human rights abuses.

This move was the latest rise in strain with the isolated nuclear-armed country, which earlier on Monday threatened a “physical response” after the United States and South Korea said they would deploy the a missile defense system in South Korea.  more

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  1. Love it. A pink phone with dial tone. “American Pickers” may be interested in that. No? Western Union, circa 1955. Worth a few bucks.

  2. Didn’t they call that a “Princess” phone?
    Obola prolly has a pink one, too.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. This won’t last long. It has become a habit for Pillsbury dough boy to pick up the phone and tell Obama, “We awe juss wees are way fwo habbing a new claw reppon”.

    Unfortunately Obama and Jarrett still haven’t been able to translate.

  4. Watch the Tin Pots come out this fall.
    Sissy Boy is in the last six months of his term. Time to count coup before a Man with blood in his veins is elected.
    Ivan just purged his Navy Commanders.
    Sissy Boy is going to be tested.

  5. Kim and Barry have the exact qualifications to be Commanders in Chief. Well don’t that beat Banagher!

  6. I saw that too. A pink Princess rotary dial telephone on the desk. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s as Progressive Libtard forward as the 1950s cars in Cuba.
    I wonder how long it takes for the operator to connect him to an overseas call?

    There’s a web site I read that calls him “ND:tBF”, Needle Dick; the Bug Fucker. Pass it on.

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