UK: BLM Statue Removed Day After It Was Installed Without Authorization


The sculpture of a Black Lives Matter protester that replaced the statue of slave trader Edward Colston has been removed by council workers.

The statue, by artist Marc Quinn, was put up in the early hours of Wednesday, but workers removed it at around 5.20am on Thursday.

Bristol City Council said the sculpture was removed at its request, adding: “It will be held at our museum for the artist to collect or donate to our collection.”

Quinn’s life-size black resin and steel piece of Jen Reid was inspired after seeing a photo of her standing on the empty plinth following the toppling of the Colston statue.

The sculpture, entitled A Surge of Power (Jen Reid), was installed without the knowledge or consent of Bristol City Council. It had attracted large crowds after it was installed. More

15 Comments on UK: BLM Statue Removed Day After It Was Installed Without Authorization

  1. A smidgen of common sense and proper behavior was squeezed out of the Bristol City Council. Is this the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning of the Battle for Great Britain? Probably just a one off. These aren’t Winston Churchill’s heirs.

  2. Whether to erect or remove, these items should be debated by the entire affected communities. Following the rules is what makes civilization effective. Breaking rules, whatever your opinion, is wrong.

    We are losing the basic debate if we fight about statues instead of rules.

  3. Yuk. Tasteless. Who wants to see shitlocks or an afro on a statue of someone who never contributed a thing to society? Maybe add food stamps to the hand she’s holding up?

  4. It just doesn’t seem right having a statue of a worthless bum that never accomplished anything in his life. What’s the point?

  5. Fair is Fair. If Whites can’t have their history then Blacks can’t have theirs. Boo F**kin’ Hoo, piss on you.

  6. “A surge of power.”

    No universal principles. Just raw power that forces others to do what you command. That is the Left.

  7. I wonder if they used ropes to take it down? Or would that be too racist?
    I would of used a Sawzall.

  8. Looking good in the back of a dump truck. Anybody that would like to stand with her, jump on in. We’re headed to the land fill.


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