UK: Boris Must Appoint More Real Conservatives to Demoralise the Left

Breitbart Europe:

Boris Johnson’s government needs to defy the left’s mob bullying tactics and start appointing actual conservatives to key positions — really important ones that don’t merely annoy the opposition but actually demoralise it.

So argues author Douglas Murray in a characteristically hard-hitting interview on how to reclaim the culture from the regressive left.

“This government has a two- to five-month window to make appointments that demoralise the opposition,” says Murray.

He believes that key jobs should go to controversial (to the left) figures like Toby Young, the journalist and founder of a London free school, whose attempted appointment to some extremely minor government education quango two years ago was cancelled after the left ganged up to conduct some offence archaeology on some of his twenty-year-old tweets.

Murray said in an interview on the Delingpod podcast:

So, Toby Young, having not been able to get totally unimportant membership of a 15 member advisory quango, ought to be put in charge of a major educational institution.

Of course this will cause the usual far-left cry bully outrage mob to kick up a huge stink but the government must stand firm: MORE

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