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UK Campaign Against Sharp Pointy Things

AWD helpfully offers some catchy slogans to follow up the current effort in Britain to, “Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife!”   He also provides commentary on the latest lunacy from the residences of Sceptred Isle to disarm themselves in the face of evil.

How about

“Save a gizzard, don’t run with Scissors”

“You better think quick before you throw that brick”

“All we need to do is hug’em, in order to deradicalize a Muslim”


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  1. Scots were forbidden their dirks after the rising.
    Charlemagne didn’t allow peasants to have pikes.

    Europe has been practicing stupidity for centuries – that’s why they’re so good at it!

  2. “No more stones, they might break bones!”
    “Switch from pencils to ink, lead poisoning stinks!”
    “If you drive a car, you belong behind bars!”

  3. How about pointy sticks?
    Tyre irons?
    Large wrench?
    Old blood pudding?
    Door stop?
    Ice pick?

  4. how about men surrender your penises? to reduce rapes.
    oops maybe I shouldn’t suggest that some nut will think it is a good idea and castrated bruce will have twin.

  5. “Don’t be a crotch, turn over all your rocks!”

    “It would be a downright sin, to hurt someone else with a clothes pin!”

    “You might just be out of luck, if you got a paper cut!”

  6. Don’t throw shoes, they’ll leave a nasty bruise.
    Don’t use fists, they’ll make someone’s eyes mist.
    Don’t throw bottles, GFY UK!

  7. The former Great Britain is now inhabited by women and most of their men who want to be women. I bet you couldn’t find a pair of testicles, if you searched the whole island with a bloodhound.

    Meanwhile, islamic goat-rapist terrorists are beheading unarmed soldiers in their streets and they had to endure the London riots without a viable means to self-defense.

    This is what you get with a liberal/progressive mindset. We need to keep our firearms, knives, katanas, kubotans, OC and TASERS. Do not follow their piss poor example.

  8. Disarm yourselves!

    Bend over and pretend to be goats and sheep for the “Asians.”

    It won’t hurt for long … you’ll get over it.

    Keep a stiff upper lip!
    (to protect your teeth …)

  9. Unfortunately, the powers that be with their leftist and islamic minions, smashed the EDL, smearing, jailing and marginalizing it first. It still has activities, but a shell of their former actions.

    But hope springs eternal. In hoc signo vinces.

  10. Where were you whiney fags when old Henry VIII was separating Anne Boleyn from her hat topper using a shiny new swiss army device? Oh well, at least there were no confederate flags flying at the Royal ceremony that made Henry an instant weeping widower.
    I guess being a few centuries too late is still better than never!

  11. Let’s extrapolate this a few decades:

    At some point, it will be mandatory to surgically T-Rex everyone’s arms at birth so you can’t ever hit anyone else.

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