UK Climate Hysteria: Labour to Ban Companies from Stock Exchange for ‘Failing to Act’ on Climate Change


The Labour Party’s Marxist Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, has threatened that businesses will be banned from the London Stock Exchange if they fail to act on climate change.

The Labour Party will make the issue of allegedly man-made climate change — a voter-friendly way of pushing hard-left redistribution politics — its “overriding priority”, according to far-left MP John McDonnell, who laid out a series of radical proposals for the climate and the economy, should Labour take control of Parliament.

“If we are meet the climate change target to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels, we need to ensure that companies are pulling their weight alongside government,” he told an event in London on Tuesday.

Vowing to “rewrite the rules” of the economy, McDonnell said that under a Labour government, the Corporate Governance Code would “set out a minimum standard for listing related to evidencing the action being taken to tackle climate change”.

“For those companies not taking adequate steps under Labour they will be delisted from the London Stock Exchange,” warned McDonnel. read more

11 Comments on UK Climate Hysteria: Labour to Ban Companies from Stock Exchange for ‘Failing to Act’ on Climate Change

  1. Yep, that’s going to get the Labour Party a lot of votes from the actual laborers. December 10 (I think that’s the date) is the final chance for Britain to redeem itself and cast off the chains of the EU and regain what little freedom it has left. The sad thing is that the country neutered itself. To be fair we’re (Canada) may not be far behind with that half-wit leftist Justin Trudeau back in the big chair).

  2. Commies hate everything they can’t control. These labor toads simply want more regulations over all business in order to guarantee more kickbacks. It’s greed. Climate has nothing to do with it.

  3. That sheep in man’s clothing (a suit) has the gall to stand in front of posters of murderers like Stalin and Mao?

    Is that kind of thing actually possible in 2019?

    Cripes, I thought even leftists might blanch at such a blatant association. The picture just proves how diabolical they are, even now. That they are equal to the crimes of their idols should be very clear. They will kill those who oppose their unproven climate claims and scams.

    Holy shit! I’ve been hit upside the head with the club of reality.


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