UK Muslim Family Who Blamed Islamophobia and Trump for Disney Travel Ban Linked to Taliban and Al Qaeda – IOTW Report

UK Muslim Family Who Blamed Islamophobia and Trump for Disney Travel Ban Linked to Taliban and Al Qaeda

Pamela Geller: Terrorists play the “victim card.”


A Muslim British family Disneyland bound was stopped before they got on the plane. The Muslim father claims, “We were barred from plane due to religion.” He blamed Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban,” as if that were in place. The media exploded. CNN took the story and ran, “the kids were devastated.” “They had big tears in their eyes.”

On December 15, the extended family waited at the gate. Their bags were on the plane. The family included Mohammad Tariq Mahmood with two of his children; his brother Zahid and sister-in-law Sadaf, with five of their children; and two nieces who were accompanying them.

While they waited to board the plane, Mohammad Mahmood was called on the intercom and told that at least some of the family would not be allowed to board. They were not given a reason for the ban, according to Mahmood. Their bags were removed from the plane, and they were ordered to return all the duty-free goods they had purchased, and then escorted from the airport.

Prime Minister David Cameron promised to investigate.  MORE

27 Comments on UK Muslim Family Who Blamed Islamophobia and Trump for Disney Travel Ban Linked to Taliban and Al Qaeda

  1. They are all victims, the whole damn lot of them.

    Every since Hagar and Ishmael they have been. It’s been by design from the beginning, and will be this way till the end.

    So the question is, ‘Will you be one of their victims?’

  2. I live out in the boonies here in California and don’t see many muzzies. However, we went to Disneyland last year and it freaked me out to see women in the full black drape look with only a small slit in their eye to see to walk. It was 100 degrees out and their husbands were walking behind them in shorts and T-shirts. It made my experience at Dizzyland uncomfortable. I’m glad they banned them from boarding the plane and ban them from Dizzyland. It goes against their religion to have a good time. It would be the perfect place to set a bomb off under one of those black sheets. Besides, pork products are sold there.

  3. What a crock of bullshit.

    The forces of evil turn out to vilify western civilization in the face of a savage threat from 7th century feral Satan-worshippers who disingenuously appropriate our values to destroy us.

    We gotta be nuts.

  4. Remember when Hitlery bullied the women who had sex with Bill six times over while she looked the other way? She called them names, then went after the right claiming it was a vast right wing conspiracy on national TV. Then there was the employees in charge of the WH travel that she had fired. Come on Trump call her out again on this! She enjoyed that little exploitation of that child whining about kids making fun of her.

  5. Ban all who follow the murdering pedophile muhammad. No moslem can be trusted.

    And deport all the dhimmis along with them. What we really need is a working national security system, not the pro-jihadi circus we have now.

  6. Trump should tweet, “Bernie Sanders knows a thing or two about being bullied.”

    And ambassador Stevens, if he were still alive, might tell her that neglect can be a much bigger problem than bullying.

  7. When you wish upon a crescent and star,
    Makes no difference who you are,
    Anything allah desires,
    Will come to you.

    If jihad is in your dream,
    No request is too extreme,
    When you wish upon a crescent and star,
    Like muslims do.

  8. Way to go… hold them responsible for what their brethren do… now when is Obarky gonna be held responsible for what he’s done?

  9. I used to live behind the “Orange Curtain” (back when it really was) and used to go to Disneyland fairly often. I am glad I didn’t stay down there to see burka-clad moslems polluting Disneyland! 🙁

  10. Yeah sounds as if they were going on a reconnaissance mission with their goatlets in tow as cover. It figures that the info can’t be found in the leftist media.

  11. I remember a few years back a mullah created a Fatwa where it was permissible for a man to be anally penetrated by another man if the purpose of the sexual act was to enlarged the anal cavity so that it could hold more explosives.

    I think that’s about all you need to know about Islam and its adherents.

  12. This goes straight to number four of the five pillars of islam:

    1. Ass-raping children.
    2. Screwing goats and/or sheep.*
    3. Murdering people.
    4. Playing the victim card.
    5. Murdering more people.

    * And camels if they can find a stool.

  13. I was down there last month. Stayed one night at the Disneyland Marriott hotel. You can’t swing a dead goat with out hitting one. The place is thick with them.

  14. goatlets in tow as cover.

    well, it’s not actually Christmas DAY so i’ll go ahead and

    Holy cow, is that funny…. Tim’s “rat-people” and “Rancid Penis” don’t get me laughing like that

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