UK Muslim gets away with sex assault because his culture is depraved

Jihad Watch:

UK: Muslim doctor who molested student nurse and blamed it on “different cultural norms” gets to keep his job.

Of course. Any other outcome would have been “Islamophobic,” and “Islamophobia” is the one misdeed that shattered, staggering, dhimmi Britain is determined to avoid. Story here


21 Comments on UK Muslim gets away with sex assault because his culture is depraved

  1. The same crap does evil Muslim want to do to the USA. Good thing that the American people will not stand for that . Send them back home let them go back in the camels

  2. Doctor Imran Qureshi would fit in at Hollywood.
    He could be the Doctor for the Stars making the BIG Bucks.
    He could harass, assault, be a pedophile and prescribe over the counter drugs to the stars to his hearts content.

    If it hits the tabloids he could go to one of those ritzy, high profile rehab facilities and be cured in 5 days with no charges or prosecution.

    Heck, he’s doesn’t even need to be a citizen in the sanctuary state.

  3. Anything muslims do to destroy the culture of their host country is A-Ok, because liberals have been trying for decades w/o much success.

  4. The Brits were keen on the evil Krauts back in the day but nowadays they are oblivious to the jihadi evil amongst them. Too many decades of bad teeth affecting their judgement?

  5. Kevin, that is your white European patriarchy racist authoritarianism oppressing the under-priviledged

  6. After Churchill the last great Brit was Enoch Powell (1968). MP Powell warned the British about uncurbed immigration to the island but was ignored and branded a racist. They are now suffering the consequences.

  7. The Brits once had an empire on which the sun never set. A mix of good and bad actions.
    But now they seem determined to also loose their homeland. Following the Swedes & Germans tolerating the abuse of their own citizens by the invaders.

  8. I have a Personal “Pet Peeve ” with People getting over on me and Laughing about it behind my back ! That is exactly what’s happening
    to the English , and it’s Muslim’s getting over . That was your Country Guys, put down the Fish & Chip’s and Fight for what’s left !!!

  9. BFH : That Meme of the Humanity hand up for the armed Muslim is Great,
    it would make an awesome and Honest ” IOTW ” Bumper sticker !!!

  10. The “good” “doctor” wants to visit his “culture” (koff!koff!) onto others? He needs to have a little of his own culture paid back to him…..say… having his hands, tongue, and penis chopped off. Cauterizing optional.

  11. Americans have insisted, for over fifty years now, that Black culture must rule over White culture, when the two disagree. Because, not in spite of, but because, blacks were a small, but very visible, minority.

    Britain has been importing their former “Asian” slaves for decades. Those former slaves have long been a small, but very visible, minority.

    Why do you expect the British to act so differently from the Americans?

  12. If those worthless pieces of shit want to worship Satan, fine. Go back to a muslim shit hole in the middle east where illiterate muslims have no respect for God or the laws of humanity.


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