UK: Muslim on terror watch list gets job at Heathrow Airport

JIHAD WATCH—“Airport bosses allegedly failed to carry out a full background check…The sex offender even took a picture of a plane from the runway to prove how close he got to the aircraft….A spokesman for SM Global Consultancy told the People all security procedures set by Heathrow Airport and the Civil Aviation Agency had been followed.”

If that’s true, then clearly you have some magnificent procedures in place there, lads! Apparently they contain strict instructions not to perform background checks on Muslim applicants — because that would be “Islamophobic.”

Britain is, as we all know, finished.

“Terror suspect and career criminal with 17 ­aliases ‘is able to get a job at Heathrow Airport where he had access to runway’ in alarming security breach,” by Keiran Southern, Mailonline, February 10, 2018 (thanks to Mick):

A terror suspect and sex offender with 17 aliases has reportedly been working at Britain’s busiest airport in an alarming security breach.

Career criminal Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamud is said to be on an official terror watchlist but reportedly had access to Heathrow’s runway.

Mohamud, 31, has a criminal record stretching back 11 years including robbery, assault, money laundering and threats to kill.  READ MORE

10 Comments on UK: Muslim on terror watch list gets job at Heathrow Airport

  1. For anyone who pays attention, they are employed in our own airports in America. IMHO, cells of islam waiting for the word — to act upon travellers who have no weapons to defend themselves.

  2. @Tuesday. You’re right about Muslims in American airports. Ive got a connection in Detroit, Michiganistan next week and my recollection is that the whole place is filled with mohammedans. Can hardly wait.

  3. @PHenry – they are thick at DFW, working in every capacity out in the open. Buqas, scarves, ticket-takers – you name it.
    Watch especially at the workers employed to cart the handicapped and the old around airports to their terminals. And who knows what jobs they have behind those upstairs windows we can’t see behind. Watching, waiting.

  4. Thanks for the info Tuesday. I’ve got a gimp leg and I depend on those people to get me from one point to another at an airport. Glad I only have one airport to go to.

    One more reason not to fly.

  5. And people wonder why I stopped flying after 2005 (got strip-searched in Pittsburgh – my LAST flight. And my family came to America – from Ireland – in 1704!!!). 😡

  6. Seems like most of the catering for the planes is done by muslims, it doesn’t make much difference which airport you go to.


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