UK: Muslim sex attacker dodges deportation by claiming to be a Syrian refugee

muslim sex offender

JihadWatch: This fellow is apparently a “Palestinian” or an Egyptian, not a Syrian at all, but the UK Home Office is too busy preventing foes of jihad terror from entering the country to notice.

“Illegal immigrant sex attacker dodges deportation after saying he’s a SYRIAN REFUGEE,” by Nick Gutteridge, Express, October 27, 2015:

AN illegal immigrant who attacked and sexually molested a woman within days of smuggling himself into Britain looks set to avoid deportation by claiming he is a SYRIAN REFUGEE.

Despite authorities suspecting he is lying about his nationality, as well as his “frightening” criminal record, the predatory pervert will soon be free to walk the streets again.

His case makes a mockery of the British justice system and demonstrates how it is now almost impossible to deport foreign criminals due to overbearing human rights laws.


3 Comments on UK: Muslim sex attacker dodges deportation by claiming to be a Syrian refugee

  1. step right up and watch the western Christian civilization commit suicide.

    snuffed out by the ruling elites greed.

    when the one world government is instituted by the central bankers do you think the useful idiots demanding it be forced on all of us will finally not be mad at the world?

    imagine the whole world’s standard of living for everyone but the ruling elites to be what we consider third world now?

    no electricity, no running water, no sewage, no food.

    I bet we fat Americans all overcome our obesity then by heck.

  2. Time to start practicing at least three of The Four Esses:

    Start making these jihadist invaders disappear, one by one. If anyone asks, “where did Mohammad go?”, tell ’em, “he must’a been transported up to Paradise by Allah”. Hopefully you can keep a straight face while saying this.

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