UK: Muslim teen “hours away” from committing jihad massacre gets 11 years prison dawah

JIHAD WATCH: He’s autistic, you see, so this is just more of the global outbreak of mental illness. His autism made him “something of a loner and someone more easily impressed by the things [he] read on the internet,” you see. The judge seems sure that this convert to Islam was “radicalized on the Internet,” and no one seems to be considering the possibility that he was turned toward jihad by those who brought him into Islam and taught him the religion. Even considering that possibility would raise questions that are too uncomfortable for British authorities.

“Lloyd Gunton locked up for Bieber terror plot,” BBC, March 2, 2018 (thanks to Robert):

A 17-year-old boy who was “hours away from committing an act of atrocity” in Cardiff has been detained indefinitely and must serve at least 11 years.

Lloyd Gunton was arrested after researching the security arrangements of a Justin Bieber concert, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

The jury was told he plotted to commit mass murder in an Islamic State-inspired vehicle attack.

Police investigated after he uploaded terror-related social media posts.

Gunton, from near Llantrisant, south Wales, was arrested after he uploaded social media content to photo-sharing social media site Instagram in late June 2017 which promoted jihad and supported al-Qaeda.  MORE HERE

6 Comments on UK: Muslim teen “hours away” from committing jihad massacre gets 11 years prison dawah

  1. The illogical response would be to ‘ban’ Islam, but the proper response would be to eradicate Islam.

    Evil political systems, and the people that live and promote them, must be destroyed.

    ……getting closer to trigger time every day, and in the end the Devil loses.

  2. His face is pretty non threatening, almost girl like.
    My dad would have said back in the 50’s. He needs to get a hobby.
    My dads answer to everything was boxing, wrestling and working out.
    After my chores of cutting the 10 acres of grass on our property.

  3. MY 4 kids have Autism, & they DETEST mohammedanism. So how damn STOOPID are you parents, whose kids embrace that crap?! 🙄

  4. Ban Demoncrats and their incompetent mafia of socialists, progressives, communist, ancharist, muslims, and demoestic terrorist from the internet.


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