UK: Plastic surgeon intent on cancelling mothers from motherhood

Post Millennial: Some men want to harvest women’s wombs in order to implant them in men to allow men to give birth, because that is now considered a compassionate, affirming thing to do.

While this concept has been bandied about for a few years, new fertility treatments have allowed Harley Street private surgeon at the London Transgender Clinic Christopher Inglefield to proclaim that men who present as female and wish to be mothers should receive experimental womb transplants.

Inglefield says that the procedure of womb transplantation for men would be “essentially identical’ to that of ‘cis-women,” meaning that he sees little difference in putting a donated womb into a woman than putting it into a man, despite the obvious differences in plumbing.

Inglefield is a plastic surgeon who specializes in both gender confirmation surgery, which involves the dismembering of healthy genitals to replace them with flesh sculpture versions of opposite sex ones. He also has a booming business in surgically altering faces and bodies to appear stereotypically female.  
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  1. O-M-G!!
    In an earlier time, such a nut would have been involuntarily committed to a mental institution/hospital as a danger to himself and others, probably permanently.
    But since the LibTard DildoCrats have closed all the psychiatric hospitals (because feeeeeelz), the inmates are running loose, and the world is their asylum.

  2. These psychos can have a uterus but ONLY if they give birth through their penis. (Sorry, guys…)

  3. IMO, this is wrong on many levels.
    I am willing to debate the issue, and you know which side I will take. You are bypassing God’s will.

  4. …from what I’ve seen from outside, after Hour 14 or so of labor, a dude will be SCREAMING to get his junk back…

  5. I support this, entirely. For the science.
    (Real science. Not ¡Science!™)

    For example: If you put a uterus in a screeching crazy man, does he become a crazier screeching Karen, than the woman you took out of? (Brain or uterus? Like nurture or nature?)

  6. @CCNV – I have had 3 kidney stones in my life. That image is something I really didn’t need. 😛

  7. …also, you know WHY women are sometimes referred to as “Broads?

    …for their BROAD, flatter hips.


    …God KNEW what he was doing with the design. “WOMAN” isn’t just stuff you can cut off or sew on, there’s MANY differences, physically AND mentally, betwwen the TWO GENDERS that are hard-coded by DNA that no SCALPEL can change.

    …and doctor dude should KNOW this, if’n he ever had a BASIC ANATOMY CLASS, but here we are…

  8. We have a better chance of landing a human on Mars, that won’t ever happen, before this will work.

  9. This is a snooze alarm for the end of the World. One of these days the LORD is going to say “Alright, time to get to work” and people like this Franken Doctor will get the wokeness of a life time.

  10. Shove a plugged in curling iron up his ass and throw him into a swimming pool.

  11. …so how is it that England overrun by mangled insane men pretending to be women AND obviously queer-hating Muzzies AT THE SAME TIME? Are they on opposite sides of the ISLAND or something?

    …you’d think HALF their problem would be busy trying to destroy the OTHER half of their problem in BOTH cases, but you’d be WRONG…

  12. @SNS – the muslim half is letting the other half do their job for them, then they will deal with the LGTBQXYZ community

  13. Churchill warned about the Nazis use of “perverted science” and it happened with their use of prisoners for horrible medical experiments.

    Now we have extremely perverted science. Like abortion and selling body parts of aborted fetuses, this is plain evil.

    At this point, I would say liberals’ use of science in the service of evil is now worse than combined horrors perpetuated by the Nazis, Communists, and Japanese Militarists in China.

  14. I can’t even comment on this, other than to wonder if there is a Uterus Transplant Bank and a Penis & Gonad Transplant Bank. UTB-PGTB Ltd.

    I wonder if the Chinese will get in on the business like with Kidney harvesting.

  15. @PJ July 2, 2020 at 7:26 pm

    > I wonder if the Chinese will get in on the business like with Kidney harvesting.

    If the Chinese get in on that business, it’ll be like Panda Penis Express.

  16. If this psychotic ‘surgeon’ is suggesting that implanting a womb will erase the need for a real woman in the picture- then he is willfully lying through his teeth.

    Where is the baby coming out of? Where are you going to get the eggs from?? How in gods name are you going to even develop a baby with out the proper natural occurring hormones that transgender people simply will NEVER obtain no matter how many shots and pills they take.


  17. Is he going to transplant the pelvic bones, too? And do the rest of us have to pay for this foolishness?


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