UK: Police Force Unveils “Modest” Uniform for Muslim Female Officers

FPM: It was a banner day in Britain Monday, when the West Yorkshire Police unveiled, so to speak, a new uniform for female Muslim police officers, a uniform that, according to the Mailonline, is “designed not to show the female form.” No doubt Britons throughout the jurisdiction of the West Yorkshire Police feel safer already.

The West Yorkshire Police “hopes that the looser fit will result in more ethnic minority recruits.” Nor is this the beginning of Islamopandering with police uniforms: “Many forces already allow female officers to wear the hijab, or headscarf, but the new uniform is believed to be a UK first.”


West Yorkshire Police Assistant Chief Constable Angela Williams explained that the new uniform, “designed not to show the female form,” was “suggested by a Muslim female officer and was designed by our Clothing Manager in conjunction with the officer,” and involves a tunic that is “a looser and longer fit, and has full sleeves.”

Williams thinks this is a wonderful development, and hopes it will lead to a new dawning of diversity and multiculturalism on the Sceptered Isle: “I hope this uniform will encourage people from underrepresented groups to consider a career in policing if they had previously been put off joining the force due to the uniform. We are open to suggestions from all communities on how our uniform can be styled to better suit their needs.”

This new uniform comes after “West Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel had quizzed police chiefs on Friday about what they were doing to boost the number of black and minority ethnic (BAME) recruits. Chief Constable Dee Collins said for some women, concerns about the existing uniform’s design could be preventing them from signing up.”

Well, we can’t have that.

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  1. Wonder if muslime men were asked how they feel about “women police?”

    It certainly destroys the child’s game of “cops and robbers.”

  2. She could be blind sided by a bad guy.
    All that loose cloth,a bad guy has plenty
    to grab onto… the insanity rolls on.

  3. Diversity is our strength and we have to get used to terrorism, even if it is from terrorist police – the mayor of London.

  4. “… what they were doing to boost the number of black and minority ethnic (BAME) recruits.”

    Why? Seriously. Why?
    Should women, blacks, and minority ethnics (?) be hoodwinked into joining the Police force? If they don’t feel like being the targets of abuse and murder, shouldn’t that “feeling” be appreciated by the “Patriarchy?”

    Heavens! I think I need a fainting couch!

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I wonder if back in the 11th century Europe has as many traitors to their culture in government that triggered the crusades.

  6. Most cognoscenti like to wear weapons close to their bodies, and frown on anything that would allow an adversary a handle – such as a ponytail, neck tie or jewelry to get a hold of to dominate a fight. Muslim women are already abused at home, why would they invite it at work?

  7. Anonymous, we have them too. Remember the somali scum that murdered the Aussie woman? We are on the same path as eurabia.


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