UK: Police Hunt Down Facebook Users Who Made ‘Offensive’ Comments About Muslim Grooming Gangs Online

Breitbart London: Northumbria Police have warned that “offensive” comments on the Internet will not be tolerated, tracking down users who made “potentially criminal” posts on social media about grooming gangs.

The force launched an investigation into comments left on its Facebook page in response to articles about the Operation Shelter scandal, in which young white British girls in were groomed, sexually abused and trafficked by mostly Muslim men of South Asian descent in Newcastle.

Officers made a review of every comment on the page after a member of the public complained that a number of posts referred to the race and religion of the 18 people convicted following the operation.

ChronicleLive reports that police recorded two cases of racially aggravated public order offences among responses to the news articles on Facebook, and have now tracked down six people responsible for posts “deemed to be offensive and potentially criminal”.  More

14 Comments on UK: Police Hunt Down Facebook Users Who Made ‘Offensive’ Comments About Muslim Grooming Gangs Online

  1. On my bucket list was a visit to England. Crossed that one off because I don’t want to see ‘my dream’ filled with a bunch of burkas. Is Ireland still safe?

  2. The Anglos have to create NO GO ZONES, and fight for their rights. The police run away like scared chickens any other time. It seems a little push back for facebook arrests, and they will back down.

    Resist or be continually abused. Those are the choices.

  3. Turn out the lights … the party’s ooooooooovvvvvveeeeeerrrrrr …

    Fortunately, (or not) England and Britain have been through this time and again, so they’re pretty much used to being conquered and even have a sort of complacency about it. Danes, Romans, Saxons, Angles, Celts, Belgae, Orangemen … seems like everybody’s had a piece of their ass one time or another.

    Bend over and spread em! The musselmen have come to call …

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. The Second Amendment comes first because it protects the First Amendment.

    Look at the insanity and national suicide that results when free speech is not free. I must keep my right of free speech to condemn muslims for their atrocities, for the falsity of their fake anti-Christ religion, and my ability to demand strong opposition to terrorism. Otherwise, we lose.

    When people talk about restricting my communications as hate speech, it is time to start shooting them.

  5. Where do I get on one of those Brit FB pages? I want to speak the truth about muzzies, and dare the Metros to do anything about it to me. fa’keem all. All of ’em, the serfs, the muzzies, the enforcers, and the elites.

  6. No kidding, what is the British Thought Police address on FB? I would like to pay them a visit and express a thought or two…

    MSG Grumpy


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