UK Police Investigate Woman For Her Wrong Transgender Opinions on Twitter

Is it 1984, or Invasion of the Body-Snatchers? If we don’t win this, eventually there will be an outnumbered group who know they are right, amongst a sea of people who have a new enlightenment, and want to change these last minds, even killing them if they have to.


During the first phone call to Keen-Minshull, the police officer who spoke with her actually took it upon himself to defend transgender ideology, informing her that the trans movement was comparable to the movements that struggled to attain rights for blacks, as well as the gay rights movement. He then followed up and informed her that a face-to-face interview would be necessary and told her that this interview was compulsory—if she declined to show up, the police would consider her to be a “wanted” person. Keen-Minshull asked the officer what it would mean for her to be “wanted,” and the officer informed her that “should she attempt to leave the country she would be arrested, and that if she happened to be pulled over while driving she would be arrested.

Keep in mind here that we are talking about a stay-at-home mother who tweeted her opinions—opinions that are widely held by many other people, including many other feminists. In a country that repeatedly says that they lack the law enforcement resources to track terrorism suspects, a mom of four who made statements on social media got a phone call from the cops followed up by a face-to-face interview, where she was interrogated about her views and informed that her own point of view was not valid. In fact, the Post reported, the police had actually kept records of her offending tweets:

Keen-Minshull was summarily forwarded a disclosure containing eight of her tweets spanning from October 2016 to August 2017, six of which mentioned the Mermaids charity. Susie Green’s major complaint was that Keen-Minshull had referred to “castration” in tweets about her son, something that occurs in sex reassignment surgery. Green had also complained about others on Twitter but Keen-Minshull was the only one in England so she was the one police targeted.

She was the only one targeted—for now. As the police themselves said, Keen-Minshull is a test case, which presumably means that they are gearing up for a wider crackdown:


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12 Comments on UK Police Investigate Woman For Her Wrong Transgender Opinions on Twitter

  1. The good news is there must be no more crime in the U.K. So now cops can relax and handle trivial matters

  2. The good news that just a few years in a Re-Education Camp will get her fixed and we will have no more hurt feelings.

  3. This insanity has spread across the world. England, one of our oldest and most trusted allies succumbing to this authoritarian enslavement with others like Canada close behind should be a wake up call to every american.
    This is the price to be paid for ignoring lessons from history.

  4. Thankfully they are embracing a super-tolerant religious ideology that values inclusion, this will work out just dandy.

  5. It’s interesting that those who shout that we need to be inclusive and tolerant of all perversions are completely INTOLERANT of diverse opinions.


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