UK Police Warn Twitter Not To Tease Drug Dealer


Police have warned trolls who mocked a drug dealer’s haircut, that they could be prosecuted for harassment.

A mugshot issued by officers for Jermaine Taylor, 21, from Newport, Wales attracted a staggering 76,000 comments, poking fun at his bonce. Taylor is wanted by police on recall to prison. More

19 Comments on UK Police Warn Twitter Not To Tease Drug Dealer

  1. I have hair like that. Well, not on my head.
    If you turn the picture over it’ll give you a better visual of what I’m talking about. 😂

  2. It seems to me that the way to avoid being made fun of for a stupid haircut is to not get a stupid haircut.

    On the other hand, it’s nice to see the UK police finally focusing on things that really matter (instead of shit that doesn’t matter like murder and domestic terrorism by imported terrorists).

  3. If you can’t make fun of criminals, who can you make fun of? Oh, that’s right, Christian white males–the only fair game left.

  4. He got ragged on pretty heavy on Facebook, too. It’s a simple fix. Don’t be a criminal, and we won’t have your mug shot to make fun of.

    I mean, really, look at him! 😀

  5. Maybe his arresting officer shouldn’t have scared him, hm?
    Not our fault his hair is stuck on end. ;b


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