Ukraine is a mess. Ukraine is a total mess. – IOTW Report

Ukraine is a mess. Ukraine is a total mess.

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Hollywood celebrity Ben Stiller and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland have visited Ukraine, which we are told is in a day to day fight for its very survival. None were wearing protective gear in an apparent war zone.

Jordan Schachtel

A mess of epic proportions.

And sponsored by the “Free World,” which, in 2022, hardly resembles anything having to do with freedom or any semblance of western tradition.

Let’s absorb the headlines of the past week alone.

Ukraine has banned the main opposition party in the country and seized its assets, while claiming that it is a Russian-influenced entity. As a buffer state between the West and Russia, Ukraine unsurprisingly has a significant percentage of the population (around 50% on average, give or take) that insists upon cordial relations with Russia. In banning their chief opposition, the Zelensky government has just disenfranchised around half the country. more

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  1. Burned out and destroyed car, ground around it clean? Towed in for photo op is more like it. Fake is as fake does.

  2. It would be interesting to look at the detailed history of the time leading up to both WWI and WWII to see if there are parallels to today.
    Somebody said this: “History doesn’t repeat, but it surely rhymes…”

  3. That’s how they do it over there they’re very environmental conscious, fried car with no burn marks on the ground.
    If we could just learn to be like them our mostly peaceful protests wouldn’t be so bad.

  4. I’m sure it’s a very good car, comrade Zelensky, but I can only give you 12 missile launchers and 50 tanks for it.

  5. The way ALL the democraps an ALL the RINOs jumped on the Ukraine bandwagon was all the proof I needed to convince me that it was ALL BULLSHIT. THE WAR? THE REAL WAR IS BEING WAGED AGAINST THE UNITED STATES CITIZENS FROM THE CENTRAL COMMAND AT WASHINGTON DC.

  6. Not a single ukrop troll here yet. Come on with your blue and yellow pom poms, fellas. You have some damage to control.

    And aleon?

    This. >>> “The way ALL the democraps an ALL the RINOs jumped on the Ukraine bandwagon was all the proof I needed to convince me that it was ALL BULLSHIT.”

  7. They just need that obnoxious guy who acts like an eastern european and trolls people who calls himself a comedian.

  8. Holy underwear! Sheriff murdered! Innocent women and children blown to bits! We have to protect our one stop money laundering shop here, gentlemen! We must do something about this immediately! Immediately! Immediately! Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph!

  9. Zelyneski is a multi millionaire with a multi million dollar home in Florida.
    I and my family however have worked for the last 50 odd years to acquire two residents in Florida,nothing fancy mind you.Converted trailers if the truth be known.
    Got no problem with that,but when some douche bag faggot from the other side of the world demands my help,guess what.
    A pissed off Canadian kid wrote this.

  10. Just like the blm debacle. Start throwing money and praise at it without really knowing anything about it. Outcome will be the same, too.

  11. Ukraine was the global cabals money laundering country. Trillions were washed through that corrupt country.

    I’m not fan of Putins and the individual Ukrainian is a courageous person, but Zelensky was corrupt and the entire government apparatus as well.

    Look for WW3 before November, they have to prevent the midterms

  12. Russian Oil Revenue Soar, Filling Moscow’s War Chest

    I guarandamntee that members of The Party, both Republican establishment and Democrats as well as those who move between government and private consulting, their family members revenues are soaring as well.

    They play both sides and the politicians have friends, family and business associates ensconced on the Russian side. The only thing about Ukraine that concerns them in the least is that their one stop money laundering shop is being threatened.

  13. Deplorable Second Class
    JUNE 23, 2022 AT 1:05 PM
    “Let me guess, they’ve blown through 40 billion and will need more.”

    …well, with 10% for The Big Guy, 50% for the rest of the American politicians, 20% for various middlemen, 10% for security, and 15% for Zelinskyy, this actually leaves Ukrane OWING $2 Billion to corrupt politician vigorish…

  14. Let’s have a war where everybody stands around looking at poorly done agitprop.

    No dodging sniper fire.
    No helmets.
    No body armor.
    No armed guards.
    No explosions.
    No mangled bodies.
    No frantic medevacs.
    No incoming artillery.
    No “shtump” of mortars.
    No “duck and cover.

    Actually, sounds like my kind of war …

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  15. Why are we giving the Uke’s 40 billion plus? Because Zelyinsky is blackmailing Biden and other Democrats whose kids have connections over there. Zelyinsky can expose all of them and bring down their house of cards. Screw Ukraine. Screw the Democrats.


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