Ultimatum Issued By Kidnappers In Haiti

Western Journal

The leader of the Haitian gang that has kidnapped 17 missionaries issued a dire ultimatum on Thursday.

Unless the $1 million a head ransom the gang is demanding is paid, “I will put a bullet in the heads of these Americans,” 400 Mawozo leader Wilson Joseph said in a video, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

The New York Times translated Joseph as saying, “I prefer that thunder burns me, if I don’t get what I need. You see those Americans, I will prefer to kill them and I will unload a big weapon to each of their heads.” More

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  1. If we had a President as opposed to a President****, this two bit idiot in Haiti would be pushing up daisies and the hostages would already be in Miami enjoying a good meal and frozen drinks with little umbrellas in them.

    But we don’t have a President.

    And special forces have to be champing at the bit.

  2. It wouldn’t surprise me if a bunch of retired badasses are forming a strike force to neutralize these thugs and rescue the hostages.

    Obviously government has gone totally AWOL.

  3. Not to worry the F.B.I. Is on it. After they cracked the Brian Laundrie case. They will be buried by the 13 Marines in Biden’s cemetery.

  4. This administration leaves people behind, they won’t be coming to the aid of religious missionaries…

  5. This case hits close to home. There is a deep Bible belt here in NE Ohio, and some of these missionaries are from the local area, Amish and Mennonite.

    I pray for their peaceful and speedy release.

  6. Situations like this call for Michael Corleone-style bargaining: “You can have my answer now. My offer is this. Nothing.”

    Of course we don’t have real men with balls working in this administration.

  7. If the American government won’t use the power of the military to rescue its citizens doing humanitarian work in a foreign country we’ve dumped millions of our tax dollars into over one crisis after another, what is our government’s purpose, exactly? And why are we financing a military that will never be deployed, even when the cause is just?

    We could roll over that place within a few days and reassert the notion that America is not to be provoked.



    If there is leadership in Washington, it is leading us to a very dark future.

  8. I’m afraid our government does not have the responsibility for missionaries. Besides look what they do when they have a responsibility. Their safe return may rely on if there is an insurance policy. Depending on the value of the individual coverage there could be a negotiation payment and/or there could be a retrieval team already on the move. Although these types of insurances are quite pricey. A business with no guarantee of a success with either option. I pray for their release. I doubt that would be the case.

    After the outcome I feel retribution as in killing everyone of the sons-of-bitches captors and their extended families along with those that look like or remind you of the captors. Effective and extremely messy and would cause outrage, but It would no doubt put an end to all the kid knapping. Be like Rome just sayin’

  9. Way back when, I remember a certain Tech tycoon financed an Ops team to infil a foreign s-hole and spirit his folks back home. All while the incumbent Peanut Farmer in Chief was still trying to find the place on a map. Was the reason I enlisted.

    Hmmm…wonder if we have any spare tycoons with the necessary cajones, available? I have worked with, and know, some fellas who specialize in bringing down an up close and personal burning thunder.


  10. They killed off the last of their hated White people in 1804 and ripped the White stripe from the French flag to make the Hatian one.

    And it’s been Wakanda ever since.


  11. Hmmmm…..wasn’t there a certain foundation run by a certain Clinton family that had a lot of experience getting stuff out of Haiti?
    Oh, wait…..never mind…..

  12. The known unconcerned pedo Biden does nothing against those aids-infected haitians. Too busy lookin for all the world like some nitwit supremacist cornholio.

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