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Ultra MAGA – Firebrand with Matt Gaetz

Today on FIREBRAND: Congressman Matt Gaetz responds to Joe Biden’s comments about Republicans’ “Ultra MAGA” agenda, dives into a trove of newly declassified information about Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the 9/11 terror attacks, admonishes the uni-party in Congress for spending our nation’s money on another forever undeclared war in Ukraine, and more!

7 Comments on Ultra MAGA – Firebrand with Matt Gaetz

  1. At least I can see “Deplorables” as an insult — the fact we turned it into a compliment notwithstanding. But “Ultra MAGA?” That would have cost a ton of money to pay a marketer to come up with such a phrase. All I can say is, “You bet!”

  2. Starting with Trump’s second term and continuing with DeSantis’ two-term Presidency, the President of the United States will be referred to as “The Ultra MAGA.”

    “Mr. Speaker, The Ultra MAGA of The United States of America…”

    And the green jelly heads of Uniparty politicians will explode everywhere.

    (Don’t wake me up. I need this dream.)

  3. Handy Reference of MAGA Prefixes:

    Kilo MAGA 10*3
    Mega MAGA 10*6
    Giga MAGA 10*9
    Tera MAGA 10*12
    Peta MAGA 10*15
    Exa MAGA 10*18
    Ultra MAGA 10*Most Epic, best ever YUGE MAGA

    You’re welcome…

  4. Ultra-magna swampman gets sucked into Florida sinkhole, never to be seen again. Swamp claims back their own.


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